If you don’t usually receive an invitation to join formal events, you might start to look self-conscious about your appearance. You worry that you don’t look great. You feel like your clothes are too tight, and the buttons might pop at any time.

It helps if you prepare way ahead of the event. As soon as you receive the invitation and accept the offer, you need to decide what you’re going to wear. If it’s a formal event, and you know that there will be a lot of attendees, choosing a bespoke suit might be an excellent idea. You will feel comfortable with what you’re wearing. You know that it looks expensive. You can even select the type of fabric or the overall design.

Visit your tailor for the final fitting and decide if you’re good with the suit. If you are, you can take it out and wear it at the event. You know that you look stunning, and you won’t worry if someone comes over and talks to you.

The problem is that even if you look amazing in your outfit, but you’re not confident, you won’t look great. You’re conscious of your appearance, and you don’t even want to mingle with the other guests.

Not everything is about you 

If you feel conscious and you think that everyone is looking at you, it’s terrible. Even if you have the best suit, you still look awkward. The best way to deal with it is by thinking that not everything is about you. It’s a huge event, and everyone will be moving around. If it’s a wedding, the couple is the centre of attention. There’s no point in feeling too conscious about your appearance. 

You can expand your networks

In a huge formal event, you will have the chance to meet with other people. Some of them might be influential. If you’re looking for a person to invest in your business or you’re seeking a job, it’s your chance to introduce yourself in a different setting. If you look nervous, you won’t create a positive impression.

Everyone’s nervous too 

If you can’t shake off the nerves, you need to start thinking that others might also feel the same way. They’re just as shy as you are. Therefore, you need to stay calm and pretend that you aren’t worried at all. Smile at everyone who looks at you, even those you don’t know. If you want to feel relaxed, you can start by talking to the people in the room that you know. Look around, and you might spot someone you met before.

No matter how prepared you are for this event and even if you had the best tailor for your suit, it won’t matter if you don’t have confidence. Enjoy the event and talk to everyone. You also need to attend more formal events in the future so you will get used to it.

Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/TVUUz6bMFSQ

Confidence is the Best Way to Look Good in Anything that You Wear