Good Riddance to a Difficult Class

The statistics class that I had to take last semester has been one of the hardest classes that I’ve ever had to take in college. Using an website for statistics homework help was what gave me the ability to pass the class, and once I was done with the class, I was glad to finally never have to take it again. Some people were able to pass the class without much trouble or help, and I figured they had to be geniuses or something, because there was no way that an average person would have passed that class without assistance.

One thing about the website where I got help that made things easier for me was that I could get help at any time of the day. The website offered help at all hours, so even on those nights where I would have to stay up late to get some work done, I could go to the website and get through the problems that were causing me trouble. Between going to different classes, studying and doing homework, and working at a part time job, there’s only so much time in a day that I can use to stay awake, and I like to get as much school work done as I can in that time.

Every time there was a test in the class, I never looked forward to any of them, and would spend as much time as possible answering the test questions. Even though the homework helped me learn and gave me the ability to answer the questions correctly, I was still worried about writing down the wrong answers. Every test that I’ve taken in class has resulted in me getting a passing score. Even though the class was hard, at least I only had to take one statistics class. The people who major in it have to take more.