Norwegian Fashion: What is trending in 2021?

Just like many countries all over the world, Norway is also a fashion hub where people love to dress in different ways. If you are travelling to Norway, whether for studying purposes, work, or business, you might be wondering what their dressing and style look like. For that, you will have to observe and know the fashion trends of Norway so that you can follow them up. Well, Norway is quite a colorful and nature-loving country, and you would find a lot of fashion trends going on. This makes it very easy for foreigners to adapt to Norway fashion easily.

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That is also why I am here with a few Norwegian fashion trends of 2021 that you might consider going for. But do remember, make sure to choose the right store and brand to shop for the clothing items. It is better to check reviews of any store you are going for by using the platforms such as You can simply search for the companies in a specific category and check which one has the best reviews.

The trending Norwegian fashion to keep in mind in 2021!

Make sure to consider all the things in the following list if you really want to follow the Norwegian fashion of 2021!

Long-themed clothing

Just so you know, Norway is quite a cold country. The temperature all over the year is quite low and can be considered cold as compared to Asia and the South. That is probably why Norwegians love to go with long clothes such as long-sleeved tops, bottoms, and pants. Of course, the difference could be in the style and the design, but the theme is usually fully covered for protection from the cold. If you want to get a better idea of all the things, you can explore different fashion clothing items available at Nelly. You can also check other stores to see what you can buy and what would fit you the best.

The wearables!

The reason why I have not mentioned a particular wearable is that Norwegians actually love to go with several types of wearables. You can go with nose pins, nose rings, heavy bracelets, necklaces, and similar types of things to go with. As for the men, they usually go with stylish chains, rings, glasses, and hair accessories that make them look unique. But do remember that not every Norwegian goes with such accessories, but many of them do.

Woolen Clothing

Norwegians just love to go with woolen clothing. The best thing about woolen clothing is that you can simply go with the fashionable clothes for the inner layer and go with stylish knitwear for the upper wear. The main reason for the love of woolen clothing is, of course, the cold in the country, so you can definitely consider exploring all types of warm clothes you can get for your living experience there.


The list might seem very short, but do note that Norwegians are keen towards neat and … Read More

Guide to Writing, Analysing and Understand Clauses

It’s probably has been a longtime since you have been in school and had to remember the rules of grammar, let alone the spelling or maybe you’re a new student. If it’s been awhile since you’ve written anything don’t worry we’ll get you caught up. If you are a new student to the rules of grammar they’re mostly easy to learn. Analisi logica, understanding or analyzing clauses is one of the most important steps to understanding English and writing properly. Clauses are the meat and bones of any sentence you’ll be writing. Once you understand what a clause is you’ll quickly learn why they are so important for everyday spoken and written language. You will also learn how to analyze them and use them properly in sentences.

So, firstly a clause is the part of the sentence which illustrates for the reader or listener something about the subject. For instance, if I were to say “The cat sneakily hunted the mouse” the clause in this sentence would be “sneakily hunted the mouse” as it is illustrating something about the subject, “the cat”. I could also for instance say or write, “The cat was colored with orange stripes”. The clause in the sentence is descriptive of how the subject looks, the cat (noun), so it would be “colored with orange stripes”. These rules should make it easy to identify what your clause is, because clauses generally proceed after the subject from the beginning of a sentence.

Analyzing the clause can be a rather simple task as well. For instance, let’s go back to our cat example. We can analyze a lot based on the behavior of the cat in one sentence. “The cat sneakily hunted the mouse” we can deduce or better envision that the cat is hunched over, low-back thrusted into the air as it prepares its hind legs to pounce on the cat. A clause illustrates an image to the viewer. Given this, it is not difficult to understand why a clause is an important part of a sentence and how they’re used everyday.… Read More