Hair extensions: Basic Italian Tips and Methods

The process of hair extensions helps make the girl look luxurious. The hair becomes more beautiful, the desired length appears, but do not forget that there are some uniqueness:

• Trust your hair only to a trusted, professional master. See the work that has been completed. This is important if you are trying to get a high quality connection and listen to the reviews of people who use these expert services.

• Extensions must be done on healthy and strong hair so that it does not fall out and can withstand the load of extra strands. It better than use human hair wigs for a reason.

• The construction process will meet your budget, but for the sake of a beautiful appearance, you can afford it. In the future, you need to regularly contact the master, constantly straighten your hair, take special ingredients that help treat it. 


Let’s take a closer look at extension technology, its advantages and disadvantages.

Strand lengthening procedure

The duration varies from 2 to 4 hours. The first formation takes a long time, the adaptation process is faster. The result is remarkable: smooth, long and thick hair. There is nothing complicated in this process, but at the same time, the master is able to perform a high -quality procedure, without losing strands in the future, and amateurs do it inaccurately.

Elongation feature: thin hair is attached to a strand of your hair 1 cm from the root using a capsule or soft tape. They really coincide with the shade and the structure. The process is called a capsule and a tape, respectively.

Temperature regimes play a role and, depending on this, are distinguished:

Some are afraid of being exposed to heat, but this process is safe for healthy hair. Using hot technology, special capsules or liquid resins are exposed.

Hair Extension Technology – Italian connection

This method belongs to the hot technology and is very popular among women. It is distinguished from other types by the way it attaches strands to the hair, also can ued for black hair extensions . The curls are ready to be extended and a small capsule made in a special factory is visible at the ends. They resemble small plates in shape. The process of connecting the hair takes place using a special electrical appliance, the temperature of which can be adjusted. Strands of hair are produced in Italy, which is why this method is given an appropriate name. The strips are of high quality. For a great effect, only 120 curls are enough.

Factory hair production is very high quality, but there is one drawback that should not be forgotten. Hair color should be chosen from the 63 standard colors proposed.

What are the characteristics of strand correction?

The correction process only happens once every 4 months, but may be earlier. It depends on the condition of the hair and its growth rate.

Advantages of Italian buildings

• Strands are well attached to the hair, the capsule is not … Read More

Differences Between Asian and Western Fashions

In terms of fashion, there are numerous styles of clothing that were inspired by people’s clothing preferences. Some women may desire more laces, ruffles, or extravagant princess-like designs in their gowns. Others, on the other hand, prefer to dress in simpler, more rustic styles. On the other hand, some individuals combined various styles to create new looks due to individual preferences.

Korean Fashion Versus Western Fashion

Since we have different cultures worldwide, the people from the western part wear clothing that is quite different from what people in Asia wear. Therefore, you will get different perceptions when you check out Korean fashion accessories shops’ reviews on a reputable review website like US-Reviews. Are you able to discern the difference between Asian and Western fashion? Let’s take a comparison look at these two.

What Exactly Is Fashion?

Fashion is a mode of self-expression expressed through clothing, lifestyle, footwear, accessories, hairstyle, makeup, and body posture during a specific time and place and within a specific context. The term “current fashion style” frequently refers to an individual style adopted by people of taste. In everyday usage, the term refers to a style defined by the fashion industry as trendy. The fashion system makes available and popular everything that is considered fashionable (industry and media).

Fashion is also a form of art, as it allows individuals to express their tastes and styling. Different designers are influenced by external stimuli and incorporate them into their work. For instance, Gucci’s ‘stained green’ jeans may resemble a grass stain to some, but they evoke feelings of purity, freshness, and summer to many others.

Western Fashion

People who live in the Western hemisphere, such as those in Europe, have relatively fewer fashion options, owing to those large companies dominating the market. Unique clothing styles have developed into a niche market within the fashion industry. Many Europeans are avid readers of fashion magazines and have a dominant color for their clothing that changes according to the season.

It became a habit for people in the West to dress in colors that corresponded to the season. If you walk down the street, particularly in the city of London, you will notice it. Their clothing can be a single color or a variety of shades of that color. Westerners are known to be fashion-conscious individuals who pay close attention to the season’s color. In the city of London, residents prefer to dress comfortably while maintaining a coordinated and neat appearance. They are more receptive to trends.

Asian Fashion

On the other hand, in Asian fashion, the clothing options are diverse, and the trends are highly subjective, depending on the individual’s choices. Some adhere to Western fashion trends, while a sizable portion of the Asian population continues to wear clothing styles that are considered niche in North American and European countries.

Due to the absence of large companies that dominate the market, clothing companies in Asia can manufacture clothes at lower prices, allowing their range of clothing styles to expand significantly. It resulted in the … Read More

Age long fun facts and fascinating stories about the invention of fashion and clothing

Fashion and clothing have evolved with time – many changes are made to different clothing items and the way in which they are worn. Fashion is said to be an art of storytelling, making it have a deeper meaning than just the random act of wearing clothes.

30 Fascinating Facts About Jeans & Denim | The Fact Shop

Fabrics are experimented with different designs and shapes to bring out a fashionable item which is worn over time as a trend. Clothes which make it a trend are said to be very fashionable and would stay around for a long time.

A brief insight on the evolution of fashion and clothing

Right from way back in history, clothing was made with the available material, and there was an era where a large volume of fabric was worn by influential people while those who are scantily dressed were perceived as being poor.

Centuries down the line, fashion has taken a new shape in the way clothes are worn. Uniqueness is the prominent key in fashion and clothing nowadays, nobody wants to look exactly the same, hence the creation of different clothing and style. You could visit to get more insights into the evolution of fashion and clothing.

Interesting facts which are known about fashion and clothing

In the course of the evolution of fashion and its trends, there have been fun facts that can make the selection of clothing items easier. These facts are not harmful but reflect some of the ways people react to clothing in certain periods.

Some of these interesting facts include but are not limited to the following; vertical stripes make the wearer look taller, black gives a perception of a slimming effect on people, fabrics with patterns make people appear larger, and many clothing items and textiles can always be recycled and so on. Some fashion and clothing shops explain a bit of the fact to their customers before they make their purchase,

Importance of a good design and its relevance to fashion

A good design would definitely attract people who would want to wear the outfit. Since fashion is termed to be an art, the design is very relevant to its manufacturing process, as is the way it is worn and the message it passes across.

For a fashion entrepreneur, a good design attracts customers; it is what reflects what your brand stands for. Many big clothing brands have a particular design that they are known for and they also know how to make it available to their customers. Your design is your marketing strategy in the growth of your clothing brand; designs could be extravagant or simple, all depending on your taste and choice.


In our daily life, clothing is an important aspect but fashion helps to spice up the way clothing items are worn. Fashion and design are like siblings that work together to get a fascinating look. Fun facts of clothing and fashion are actually real and some can be applied to the way clothes are worn.… Read More

When and How to Remove Popcorn Ceilings

Removing a popcorn ceiling can be a daunting task. It requires specific tools and preparation and can be a messy job if you’re not prepared.  This blog post will talk about when and how to remove popcorn ceilings from your home so you are prepared for those times when this becomes necessary. We’ll also cover some of the hidden issues that may exist with the drywall under the surface of the popcorn, as well as what steps need to be taken after removing them.

Removing Popcorn Ceiling-11 Tips to Do It - Imagination Waffle

Popcorn ceilings have long had a reputation for being dated and not attractive. Although they were all the rage in terms of ceiling finishes in the 50s into the 80s, tastes and interior design have moved on.

When To Remove Popcorn Ceilings

Popcorn ceiling removal is usually requested around the time of a real estate transaction.  When a home is sold the new owners typically want to upgrade the house and bring it more in line with their own modern tastes.

Other times, it’s the seller who is preparing to sell the house that requests to have the popcorn texture removed.  It is well known that popcorn ceilings can lower the selling price of a home, since it can deter potential buyers.

It is recommended that you remove your popcorn ceilings when they are crumbling, dingy or stained.  Once the ceiling starts crumbling, it is a sign that it is starting to deteriorate and will likely continue shedding more texture.  If there are any stains, it is best to remove the ceiling texture.  This is because applying water or any other liquid cleaning solution will activate the plaster and the ceiling will be compromised.

Determine if Asbestos is Present

Before you remove your popcorn ceiling, it’s important to understand whether or not there is asbestos in your popcorn ceiling.  If the house was built or the popcorn texture applied before 1978, there is likely asbestos in the ceiling.  It’s important to note that the asbestos is not dangerous unless the ceiling texture starts to shed or crumble.  This releases the asbestos fibers found in the spray on material.  You can easily get a test kit or call a contractor to come in to determine whether or not there is asbestos.

Once this is determined, it’s time to do a bit of leg work to get the process started.  The article will list some common issues that are found during the popcorn ceiling removal process and what should be done about them.

Process for Removing Popcorn Ceiling

First,  it’s a good idea to prepare the area. This means removing all furniture, painting, wall hangings and more.  You will be working with water, so make sure all outlets are covered.  The best way to protect your floors, walls and the entire area is to cover all walls with plastic and to put down strong plastic sheets or tarps to protect the floors.

Next, remove the popcorn ceiling.  This can be done with a variety of tools, including scrapers, … Read More

Best iPhone Deals This Spring

If you’re on the lookout for a new phone or you want to upgrade to the latest device, you’ll need the best iPhone deals. By taking advantage of the best deals on the market, you can grab a bargain and enjoy the latest tech at a knockdown price.

iPhone Buying Guide 2020: Which iPhone is Best? - Macworld UK

With so many network providers, retailers and Apple devices to choose from, it can be tricky to find the best price. To make things easier, take a look at these fabulous Spring deals and see which ones work for you…

  1. Buy One Get One Free with Verizon

If you’re feeling generous, you can treat a loved one to a brand-new device when you purchase one for yourself. For a limited time, Verizon is offering to buy one get one free deal on the iPhone 11 when you take out a contract. There are some restrictions in place, so read the small print carefully, but it could be a great way to upgrade two phones for the price of one. What’s more, when you switch to an Unlimited plan, you can claim a free Amazon Smart Plug and Echo Dot, so there is lots on offer.

  1. iPhone XS – Unlocked and Sim Free

To get the latest features without a contract, you’ll want a sim free phone. Buying an iPhone outright can be pricey, with Apple’s RRP for a 512GB model as high as $1,449. If you’re willing to cut down on storage, however, you can grab the 64GB version for just $599 from Sprint.

  1. iPhone 8 from Best Buy

Combining a great range of features and retaining the much-loved home key and headphone jack, the iPhone 8 is one of the most popular Apple smartphones on the market. If you want to upgrade to the iPhone 8, you’ll have the choice of taking out a contract or purchasing it outright. Currently available for $349 at Best Buy, you can get a great handset for a relatively low outlay and still enjoy all the great features you’d expect to see on one of the latest devices.

  1. iPhone SE 2020 – Sim Free

Another great option if you’re searching for a sim free iPhone is the 2020 version of the SE. It may not come packed with all the features of an iPhone 11 Pro but it’s still a great little device that offers fantastic functionality. Available for $399.99 at AT&T, you can pick up the device for a one-off payment, without the need to enter into a contract.

  1. iPhone XR on T Mobile

If you’re happy to sign up for a long-term contract, T-Mobile is offering the iPhone XR for $25 per month, based on a 24-month contract. With nothing to pay upfront, this could be a good way to stagger the payments for your device and get some free minutes thrown into the bargain. Alternatively, you can purchase the device outright from them for $599 + tax, but you opt for a sim free version and still make a saving if you … Read More