Rings are a symbol of love and devotion; an ornamental symbol of lifetime commitment. In par for the process is picking out the perfect rings to symbolize this commitment. Couples want something that is unique and personal. The process can he a frustrating one between finding the perfect, unique piece and as well as being affordable.

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Precious Metals Options For Men

The market has several options for women and for a long time men’s options were limited in choices for wedding bands. Men don’t have to settle for plain band with few metal options that can be costly. The jewelry market now carries several of many unique mens wedding bands. Plain bands now come in a variety of different metals that are affordable, such as tungsten. More costly, but stronger and more durable than gold is titanium. Damascus steel bands are unique, with subtle design due to the process of making Damascus steel, also known as pattern welding. Different alloys of metal create different colors. For example, mixing cadmium and yellow gold creates a metal with a soft hue of green.

Bling in the Ring that’s Affordable

Some men want the sparkle of gems without the hefty price tag. They’re lab created options that are not only more affordable. For example, is moissanite; although lab created, the stones properties are almost identical to diamonds, except for the hardness. There are also several different kinds of gemstones that are affordable and come in a wide variety of colors. Topaz is very inexpensive, natural and comes in a wide variety of blue hues. Tanzanite, although more expensive than topaz, is also an excellent alternative to Sapphires. Alternative to Emeralds is Chromium Diopside, which is a natural gemstone that is a beautiful green.

Unique Materials and Styles for Men

Men also have far more options regarding stone or gem inlayed within their wedding bands. Options for smooth stone inlayed include such like onyx or turquoise. Men also have the option to opt for cabochon gemstones that are round instead of faceted. Other materials can be used for inlayed such as wood or bone. The wood types used are tight grain and hard, such as cocobolo. Inlayed materials come in different widths. One other is having different inner and outer material. For example, the outside of the ring can be mahogany wood and the inner layer can be tungsten. The inlayed is treated with special coating to ensure longevity.

Rings for Durability, Flexibly and Longevity

Another option in the jewelry market is especially catered to those looking for something extremely durable. Silicone wedding bands are perfect for men who live very active lifestyles where wearing other styles of weddings bands aren’t suitable. The silicone rings come in several different colors as well as can be infused with different materials. Some of these materials include diamond, pearl, opal, and various metals such as gold.

Most of these options for unique wedding bands can be sought out at smaller jewelry stores that specialize in customization instead of franchises. They’re also online vendors who offer several of these unique products.



Wedding Ring Alternatives For Men That Are Attractive An Affordable