7 Fashion Tips for Prom Night Not Forgotten

Prom night is a place to say goodbye awaited by students after three years of teaching and learning activities in school together. Initially, prom night was a place to meet each other and to dance to celebrate the results of their three years of hard work in high school students in western countries.

Prom night is synonymous with dancing, dresses, and couples. Usually, when approaching prom night, the women will try hard to find the most beautiful dresses for them so that they can later become the Prom Queen (Prom Queen) at their school. And usually, these women will be accompanied by the Prom King (Prom King), their own partner. Most, when approaching prom night, men will be competing to find their partners to be invited to the prom. And usually, men will also look for their best formal clothes. Because they certainly don’t want to play with their partners. So, they have to look good on prom night.

Prom night is also a place to find a partner or a place where men and women can express their feelings if they have not yet gotten a partner. Prom night became a culture as time progressed. Even though I rarely hold dance parties on prom nights in the Asia region, but we really want, right, to look beautiful and charming on the last night with this friend and teacher?

How, how do we make our appearance look as attractive as possible during the prom night? Come on, consider the following tips.


When we find out when the party is held, it’s time we work to plan what we should use at the party later. We have to start hunting for the best clothes and exciting accessories. Remote planning gives us a lot of time to find what should we use then and free choices so that we can perform flawlessly and optimally on that day.


You must respond critically, this point that must be considered when you pick some clothes.what should we do if the dress we are wearing is uncomfortable and can torment us. Use worn clothing can make our mood worse. Pick your dress that fit your body size.

Don’t use small or large ones. There is nothing wrong with trying clothes at a clothing store many times to make sure we feel comfortable with the ingredients and can freely move to wear them. If we sew our own clothes, it will be better and make sure the tailor measures our body accurately.


Usually, prom nights have specific themes such as gothic, futuristic, masquerade parties, old fashion, pajama parties, and so on. Each issue requires specific clothing codes to be used by the participants. Don’t let your clothes go wrong, huh!

For events with free themes, we can choose dresses with knee-length A-line models that make us free to step. For those of us who are veiled, a maxi dress can be an option. Pastel colors such as pink, turquoise, light blue, light purple, and so on with a touch of indentation will make us look cute, besides clothing with a little color and lace, it can also give a dazzling impression. The next option you can use dresses from top designers as your fashion expert so you can perform perfectly in front of everyone.


Accessories that are stacked will make us look like the store is running. Just use a pearl necklace or bracelet that is trending right now, and we will look charming. Because it seems too shiny, it will also look graceful, even though it can attract the attention of everyone who is there.

Use simple earrings that are sprinkled with several diamonds, to give it a sweet taste. Then tie your hand with a wrist strap that has a slim belt.


Shoes with accessories that aren’t too many are the right choice to match and dress. Slightly open toe might be a good choice or high-heeled platform sandals. If indeed we don’t like it, we can wear soft shoes or slop shoes that have red, or white, or anything we think is suitable and comfortable. The point is to go back to the prom night theme, we have to really adjust the shoes we use with the clothes that will be installed.

And try shoes or footwear that we use as comfortably as possible. So that when the event is in progress, you don’t feel sick or uncomfortable because footwear can hurt your feet.


If your hair is long, we just make it bound to the side or pin it back. The horse pigtail model is also perfect, used for prom. As much as possible show the nape of the back of the neck, because there is a part that looks sexy.

As for short hair, we can use a headband or make it curl. a little paint color on the hair can give a different look than usual.


Instead of spending a lot of time and money at the salon, why don’t we try making our own makeup? We can learn from the many tutorials presented by YouTube. Simple and natural Korean-style makeup can also be applied so that it looks fresh.

besides that we can use makeup according to the needs of our skin, thick or thin depending on the clothes we will use later. Still, if we doubt we use the help of experienced people. many makeup artists who want to give free consultations. because to look perfect we cannot use simple tools.

Those are some tips. Hopefully, the suggestions above can solve your problem when determining fashion at prom night. Of course, you can use the tips above by adjusting your current conditions. But if you are unsure or lacking in confidence, you can ask for help from someone who is an expert in their field, maybe you go to the salon to get special treatment and get genuinely satisfying results.