Setting up a business can be really hard, from taking care of loans to personal resources, all the process require exceptional care and planning especially if the business you are setting up is a retail shop. However, the one thing that is necessary for the success of your retail shop is its layout and decoration. The shop fittings you will use in your shop will determine want kind of customers and how much customers you will get. ADP shopfittings store is a company based in Australia that takes care of shop fittings in retail shops. You can employ them for their excellent performance. With that said, here are some shop fittings that your retail shop cannot do without.

Shelving and Gondolas

The shelves where you stock your merchandise is the key shop fitting you must have in your shop. Shelving is necessary for all kinds of businesses that involve retailing. However, these shelves will have to be different depending on the merchandise you are offering such as liquor shelving, wire shelving and super market shelving. You should consider the need and demands of the customer while fitting shelves in your shop. Gondolas are also fittings where you stock your merchandises. They come in various shapes and sizes to attract customers. You should install the one that is befitting your shop and suitable for the customers.

Slot display system

If your shop offers small merchandise such as jewelry then a slotted display system is what you need to attract customers. Slot display system is capable of highlighting the fine points of your merchandise and make it more attractive for your customers. You also need to consider the convenience of the customers as well. Make sure the customers do not need to strain and have difficulty while searching for the desired product.

Point of Sale Terminal

After fitting all the perfect displays, you will need a Point of Sale terminal in your shop. A POS is a terminal which is equipped with electronic devices to calculates the bill and receives payment from the customer. It makes the checkout process more easily. An ideal POS terminal would be the one where the checkout lines keep moving and all the payments are made quickly, accurately and efficiently.

Surveillance Camera

Your retail shop cannot work without surveillance cameras, that is a given. Because retail shops tends to be big and all the merchandise are available in the open, it increases the chances of shoplifting. Installing security cameras will keep the shoplifters at bay and ensure the safety of the products as well as the customers.


You need mannequins for your shop only if your shop offers clothes and jewelries. Keeping the right mannequins that will complement your product will increase the sales. The height and color of mannequins is also important as well as the place where they are displayed. Obviously, the front of the shop and the display window is where the mannequins belong. Put effort into considering the right mannequin, if you want a successful retail shop.

5 Must-Have Shop Fittings In Your Retail Shop