Whether we know it or not, fashion is a big part of our lives. Fashion dictates the clothes you see on the high street, what your friends and colleagues wear and the entire contents of your wardrobe.

As Meryl Streep so eloquently put it in the Devil Wears Prada, it doesn’t matter whether you follow fashion or not, the fashion world dictates every last item of clothing, right down to the bargain bin items that haven’t made the cut. If you want to get more into your fashion and to create a better personal style, then now is a better time than ever.

There are hundreds of different fashion applications that have been created to help you to find the best clothes for the best prices and the best fashion advice for beginners and fashion gurus alike. 2018 is the year of technology and the fashion industry is making the most of this, from social media to specific mobile app development, the fashion industry has it covered.

We have gone to the liberty of creating a guide to the best fashion apps of all time, for your reading pleasure. If you’re looking for a bit of fashion inspiration, then carry on reading…


Depop is the Mecca for any fashion bargain hunter, so whether you’re looking for an unusual knitted sweater or some quirky handmade earrings, then Depop is your place.

This app is a haven for those who are looking to bring a little bit of personality into the fashion industry. You can create a profile, similar to an instagram account, which allows you to either buy or sell fashion items. The application works by allowing people to view and purchase items and offer a rating to the seller.

This is a way of cutting out the middleman in the fashion industry and has been designed for the people to be used by the people. This is a great app if you want to add a little bit of a style edge to your wardrobe!


Closet+ is proof that we are living in the future. This application is a way of sorting out your jam-packed wardrobe into individual collections, which is perfect if you have a wardrobe that is brimming to the top. It works by uploading images of your clothes, which are then sorted into categories. From here, this application suggests various outfit combinations for those times when you’re stuck for inspiration.

Finally, a way to truly make the most out of your wardrobe!


This application has been recommended by the Guardian as one of the top three must-have fashion apps. This works by informing you of all of the up and coming fashion news, which helps to keep you ahead of the game and in the know.

This includes information such as new collections, designer collaborations, daily fashion news and instant coverage of all of the catwalks during the fashion weeks. As well as this, you can access images and video galleries as well as a fashion store finder. This application is truly a godsend for fashion bloggers, journalists and fashion industry workers everywhere.


This application introduces a very simple artificial intelligence into your fashion life by identifying your style preference based on your 5 favourite outfits/ This is a great fashion community application that allows you to share images of your favourite looks whilst evaluating various other different style trends for you to look at.


Gilt is the perfect application for those who love to find a high-end fashion bargain. This is a platform that informs you of any special offers on luxury brands, with up to 70% off! If you’re really into your high-end fashion, but don’t want to pay the high-end price tags, now you don’t have to!

Most offers do have time restrictions and are subject to stock levels, so you have to act quickly before the bargains are snatched up! This is great for when you want to buy an extra special gifs and even has sections such as “gifts for her”, to inspire shoppers!

5 Best Fashion Apps of All Time