The bright t-shirts and shorts are packed away for another year, so now’s the time to update your wardrobe to make sure you look stylish in the colder weather. Here are some essential items to look out for.

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Dark wash jeans

Of course, jeans in any style would be suitable, but dark wash jeans help to keep outfits simple yet versatile to wear with your long sleeves.

Fleece jacket

Perfect for those cold blustery days, a fleece jacket is a great way to finish off your outfit when you’re braving the outdoors. They are well insulated and their classic design goes with almost anything.

A jumper

With the colder weather comes the need for warm clothes, and who can resist a cosy, yet fashionable jumper to pair with jeans and boots.


With such a huge range of beanie hats out there, it’s important not to get drawn into the season too much. Instead of patterns and pom poms, keep it simple and understated.

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Flannel shirts

The perfect addition to your autumn wardrobe. Made of plush cotton, this type of shirt will keep you warm whilst still looking cool. Take a look at the Men’s Farah Shirts, such as those available here to see what works for you.

A zip up vest

A vest is a great way to add some extra warmth, without feeling too hot. It can be layered with shirts and jumpers for a practical look.


It may seem like an everyday essential that doesn’t require much thought, but darker coloured clothes mean you need darker socks. Bright white socks just won’t do with those dark wash jeans.


This is one essential that is definitely worth spending your cash on. Not only are they extremely practical in the autumn to help prevent soggy socks, but the right pair can really add style and class to your outfit. Chelsea boots are perfect for any occasion.

A watch

Your outfit isn’t complete without accessories and a watch is a great way to be stylish, yet practical. You don’t necessarily need to spend hundreds of pounds on a watch for it to be perfect.


A modern backpack is the perfect option for those on the go. For a stylish look that will look great with any outfit, keep it simple.

10 essentials every man needs in his autumn wardrobe