I have always had a problem with my eyes. When I was a child, I had to wear glasses from a very early age. I would often look down because I had low self esteem because of how I looked. When I got into college, I switched over to contacts, and that gave me a boost to my self esteem. I did not feel as awkward, though my thinning lashes did not make me feel 100 percent confident. That changed though when I heard about Careprost eyelash serum. I thought I was just destined to a life of wearing a lot of mascara to make them as thick as possible.

I read so much information about Careprost that I honestly believe I am an expert at telling people about it. I just wanted to make sure that I was going to do something that would help me with my looks rather than make my eyelashes fall out or even not change at all. I researched the various ingredients, plus I read how it all started out as being a serum for longer lashes when that was not even the original purpose of the serum.

It was created to help people with glaucoma, but it was just by sheer luck that it ended up making eyelashes much fuller and thicker as well as longer too. I knew that I wanted to try it myself after reading about so many people who were able to share their stories of having nicer lashes because of Careprost. I was very strict with the instructions because I wanted nothing to ruin my chances of having nicer eyelashes. I probably went overboard with that, but the end result makes even that okay. I now have lush lashes that I would never have imagined possible before, which is why I tell so many other people about this!

Why I Share Careprost with So Many Others