Nivea Creme, one of the world’s oldest beauty creams, was created in Germany in 1911 and quickly became a household name. Skincare based on nature or developed by doctors who truly understand what the skin requires is exactly what the brands currently leading the fight for G-beauty are giving nothing new. Check out online german stores for the best cosmetics. A certain idealistic vision sees nature as a wonderful thing, whereas the chemically created is seen as negative. There has been a persistent focus on openness, efficacy, and natural ingredients for beauty companies from the region. Visit Douglas online for the best deals. For the most part, German and Austrian manufacturers are more concerned with creating a regimen that is based on tried-and-true items. As long as the quality is high and there is sufficient scientific evidence to support it, less is more. Here are some of the prominent cosmetic brands in Germany.

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1.  Art Deco

A popular non-drugstore cosmetic brand in Germany, Art Deco is a favorite of many German middle-class ladies. Using a clever strategy, the organization can connect with its customers. Their beauty boxes, which are just empty cases for shadows and blushes, allow buyers to select the hue they want in their palette. Even if the component parts aren’t inexpensive, each shade costs roughly €6, and a case with room for four costs €10. Good news! There’s a huge selection of colors to pick from.

2.  Zoeva

When it comes to a wide range of shades, Zoeva is a fan favorite. It’s become a cult favorite among fans. Their brushes are still produced by hand, making them stand out from the others. Getting your hands on one, on the other hand, won’t break the bank. Zoeva is a great choice for vegans. There are animal-free brushes available from this company. The smaller versions, which are the right size to carry in a small cosmetics bag, are ideal for frequent travelers. For this reason, Zoeva is regarded as one of Germany’s greatest makeup companies.

3.  Sans Soucis

Is Baden-hot Baden’s spring water the secret to eternal youth? That’s up for debate. Sans Soucis, on the other hand, makes no such assertions. However, the water used in all of their products comes from this well-known resort town. In addition to washing and moisturizing products, Sans Soucis also carries a few high-quality foundations. For decades, it was one of Germany’s best-known cosmetic brands.

4.  A body cream by Augustinus Bader

Augustinus Bader, a German-born professor of regenerative medicine, developed this range of goods by combining groundbreaking science with biological knowledge. Professor Bader’s extensive research into skin healing over the past 30 years is what makes this range of products special. As a result of this research, he discovered how to unlock the signals that activate one’s own stem cells. In the beginning, Professor Bader’s research was focused on creating a specific wound gel for people who had been severely burned. After seeing great results from using the gel, the company then developed a comprehensive range of skin and body products to help the skin recover itself. Anti-aging Augustinus Bader Body Cream, which replenishes parched skin with much-needed hydration, is a standout in this line of skin care products.

5.  Dr. Hauschka

Celebrities like Anne Hathaway and Julia Roberts are lovers of Dr. Hauschka’s German skincare line. That is for a good reason: the company uses natural chemicals to help your skin perform better. As a bonus, Dr. Hauschka’s toning products are also great. Dr. Hauschka’s original facial toner is a skin-care superstar that uses a solid blend of anthyllis and witch hazel extracts to gently clear the skin.

6.  Weleda

It’s common to find this German/Swiss brand in the skincare aisles of upscale supermarkets and drugstores and many natural/organic ones. All the items are designed to do exactly what they say they would. No Weleda products have ever been tested on animals, making it one of the most ethical German cosmetic firms. The Skin Food moisturizers and the Calendula Baby Lotion are two of the most popular options.

7.  Farina 1709

Farina’s most popular product is a top German cosmetics brand, the original Cologne from Cologne, which is the inspiration for all other Colognes. In its early forms, clients purchased eau de cologne to ward off the plague and a variety of illnesses. Using traditional components such as bergamot and ambergris, this potion smells better than most current perfumes, if that’s possible.

As a result, German cosmetic products must meet severe safety and quality standards before being sold in stores. “The list of permissible components in German cuisine is extraordinarily rigorous. A US skincare product can have far more substances than a German one. Dr. Barbara Sturm, an aesthetic doctor, stresses the importance of safety.

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