Understanding Fashion According to Experts


talk about fashion, a glance is on clothing or clothing. And speaking of clothes are talking about something very close to us. As quoted by Idi Subandi Ibrahim (researchers media and pop culture in the introduction to the book Malcolm Barnard, fashion and communication: 2007): Thomas Carlyle said, “clothing is a symbol of the soul”. Still according Idi: “clothing can not be separated from the historical development of human life and culture”.

The study of fashion is not just about clothes, but also the role and significance of clothing in social action. In other words, fashion can metaforakan as social skin. Which includes bringing the message and lifestyle of a particular community which is a part of social life. Besides, fashion is also expressing a certain identity. clothing is one of a whole range of marking the most obvious outward appearance, in which someone put themselves apart from others, which then evolved into the identity of a particular group.

The results of interviews with a number of informants on the development of the current fashion trend, especially among students of fashion trends of Social daughter Unhalu they say that:
“The development trend of fashion students FISIP Unhalu daughter now more directed at the use of fashion that is a trend at the present time, this can be seen from any activity they follow the students during the lecture, tight clothes are more dominant adorn the campus environment.
The above items in accordance with a statement saying that fashion is a form of lifestyle that can be tested, maintained, or abandoned

“The new trends in fashion trends more dimotifasi by an idea how mengespresikan themselves through the clothes they wear.”

Malcolm Barnard in his book Fashion as communication, started its understanding of fashion with reference to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED). According to Malcolm: “The etymology of this word related to Latin, Factio, which means making”. Therefore, the original meaning of fashion is something a person with activities, not like today that make sense of fashion as something that is subject to a person.
The original sense of fashion was referring to the disclosure that the items to fashion and clothing is a commodity, which is produced and consumed capitalist society. Because the fashion and clothing are the most significant ways that can be used in constructing, experiencing and understanding the social relations today. OED compiled a list of nine different meanings of the word fashion. One of them, fashion can be defined as something like the shape and type of ordinance or act a certain way. Polhemus and Procter showed that “in contemporary western societies, the term fashion is often used as a synonym of the term makeup, style and fashion” (Malcolm Barnard, Fashion as communication).
Searches on the OED, the word as a verb defined fashion in a sense, membusanai yourself with “attention” in effect. That means more than just membusanai themselves, but also dressed up and wearing jewelry as well. So can say despite all the clothes were fashion (fashion.red) but not all that fashionable finery. Similarly, despite all the clothing or makeup will bring a certain style, but not all of it will be a fashion style. Malcolm Barnard said that, “when a force passes it can be said is outdated alias is not fashion anymore”.

Fashion is a way for a group to identify and establish itself as a group. Once a society emerging, then capitalist society emerged, fashion emerged. And fashion is usually communicate or have a known force in general. From here there are some things that can be understood. For example, people who wore short hair, large glasses, Levi’s jeans, plain or striped dress and high-heeled boots Doctor Martin shows that person is a member of a skinhead. Malcolm said, “in this case an individual was originally not a skinhead but dress shirt that shaped him as a skinhead”.

According to Simmel in his fashion, two social trends that are important in shaping fashion. And if one is lost then the fashion tendencies will not be formed. The first trend is the need to coalesce and the second is the need to be isolated. According to Simmel: the individual must have a desire to be part of something bigger, communities and individuals must also have the desire to be something apart from the passage. Humans seem to need to be social and individual at the same time, and fashion and clothing is a way for it negotiable. And when the need for membed