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When the days become longer and sunnier, and the snowfall is no longer there, it’s the right time to put away your sweaters and other heavy attires and then air your spring and summer outfits.

But most of us often prepare for a new season by shopping for more clothes which adds to our already full wardrobe. Surprisingly, we only get to wear a few of the clothes we buy.

So what are some tips that can help one prepare better? The idea is not just to go on a shopping spree but to consider the already available summer clothes and make strategic purchases to fill the gaps.

If you do this, you’ll end up with enough clothes, all that you love, and will at least wear each one of them. The following are tips to guide you with this.

Do Away with Clothes that Don’t Fit

Before anything else, try on all the clothes you have in your wardrobe. If you have any that don’t fit – maybe you made a wrong purchase or added weight – get rid of them.

You can sell them on eBay or donate them to charity if they are in good condition. Place the worn-out ones in the bin or drop them off at a clothes recycling bank.

Eliminate Clothes that Don’t Suit You

A common mistake people make while purchasing clothes is to pick the one that looks great on a model, pictures, or even a colleague, while it doesn’t look good on them.

The cut may not suit your shape, or the colour palette doesn’t entice you.

While you might love the piece, you’ll perhaps never wear it if it doesn’t suit you. And just in case you wear the outfit, you won’t feel the same way if you have one that suits you.

The approach is the same – dispose of clothes that don’t suit you by selling, throwing, or giving away, but don’t leave them lying around your wardrobe. If you need an opinion about an outfit, let a friend help you rate it, and then take the appropriate steps.

Seek Inspiration

You need to seek some style inspiration after trimming down your wardrobe.

But don’t do it blindly – get it from the right places. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Understand the shape of your body and colouring, and seek matching inspiration to find a piece of clothing that suits you such as shapewear slip firm control.
  • Check out people with a style you love – style ‘heroes’. They could be celebrities, friends, or influencers.
  • Take your time to explore Instagram, Pinterest, and fashion magazines, noting some of the latest fashion trends you like.

It’s Time to Buy New Pieces

After you get inspiration, start buying new outfits to fill the gaps left in your wardrobe. Choose standalone pieces and also clothes that match the ones you already have.

The following are some new pieces you may want to have for spring and summer:

  • Floral midi dresses – you may dress them up or down, and they are suitable for spring and summer.
  • A lightweight coat like a Mac, for when it is cooler in spring and days with showers.
  • Comfortable linen pants, especially one you can dress up or down.
  • A versatile jean jacket.
  • A pair of wedge sandals you can match with jeans or floral dresses.
  • A basket bag for holding your summer essentials during beach days or help you carry your shopping when you go to the market.
  • A cross-body bag spacious enough to fit all you need but not so big that it looks weird.

Already feel ready to put together a great spring and summer wardrobe?

We hope the tips we’ve shared are just what you’ve been looking for. Enjoy preparing your spring and summer wardrobe!

Tips For Preparing Your Spring and Summer Wardrobe