Albert Einstein said all that needed to be said: “In each trouble lies an open door.” While, generally, business travel and in-person meetings and occasions stay on hold, many organizations are perceiving that this is an extraordinary opportunity to lay out – or calibrate – their Strategic Meetings Management programs.

Strategic Meetings Management (SMM), as the name proposes, is a focused way to deal with overseeing meetings and occasions across an association. It can assist organizations with accomplishing numerous targets, from overseeing expenses to moderating gamble and making a superior encounter for meeting coordinators and participants.

You may currently be acquainted with the SMM Wheel, made by the Global Business Travel Association’s (GBTA) Meetings and Events Committee, addressing the top tier standard for dealing with an endeavor wide meetings and occasions program. While the wheel’s 11 parts are vital for building a powerful SMM program, there is an inquiry that remaining parts: would these parts be able to alone assist you with arriving at your objectives? Throughout the long term, numerous M&E pioneers and professionals have found holes in spite of involving the wheel as the establishment for their SMM programs. These holes can incorporate trouble assembling a business case with senior administration, acquiring partner purchase in, and eventually driving reception for the program across the association.

With more associations doing whatever it may take to concentrate their meetings and occasions, I would contend that this present time is an amazing opportunity for us to begin “thinking outside the wheel.” The wheel gives an astounding structure, and we would essentially prefer not to reevaluate it – however we really want to track down ways of making it more astute, to arrive at its maximum capacity. We have limited this down to three core values:

1. Foundation

Just as a vehicle needs streets and extensions to get to its objective, it’s basic to have an authoritative design that upholds the SMM program across your endeavor to assist you with accomplishing your objectives. This framework envelops the subsidizing model, asset model, administration arrangement, innovation, and providers that you ought to incorporate as a feature of your program. These are fundamental contemplations to join prior to carrying out any or every one of the 11 parts on the wheel. Criticism from partners will give bits of knowledge and replies to a few of these inquiries and assist with making a strategy around the three core values.

2. Governance

 It tends to be done in a commanded or non-ordered climate. The oversight heeds the guidance of the corporate culture and destinations to line up with the business objectives. This upholds the arrangement, consistency, assets, cycles, and administrations related with your SMM program.

3. Organization

 Organization is the support expected to keep the vehicle fully operational. It’s the everyday activity and backing expected to execute the SMM program. It drives request management techniques and guarantees a reliable translation of strategies and cycles, for example, the admission of enrolled meetings, upkeep of the innovation, the help work process to keep up with fair and adjusted assets, provider piece of the pie, consistent interaction improvement, and preparing. A lead office model likewise assumes an essential part in expanding the SMM program’s interior group. This model lays out a few incorporated administrations while permitting partners the adaptability and decision of arranging administrations.

Counting these core values close to the SMM wheel’s parts will lay out what is expected to set a way forward and assist your SMM with programing rapidly gain force towards full reception.

In addition, this approach can (and ought to) be applied to all meetings across your association. There is a discernment that SMM just incorporates specific gathering types. Frequently, little, virtual, cross breed, chief, and sponsorship meetings, as well as congresses and medical services proficient (HCP) meetings in the existence sciences area, are avoided with regards to SMM programs. SMM is advancing to incorporate the entirety of all meetings and occasions action. TMM is the fate of SMM. Need to hear more? Search for our next blog, where we will investigate TMM in more detail.


Strategic Meetings Management (SMM) programs assist organizations with dealing with their meetings and occasions through smoothed out arranging processes, favored merchants, and meetings information. Organizations smooth out meetings management by bringing together perceivability into arranging, obtaining, contracting and announcing capacities.

The Purpose of Strategy Meetings Management