If you’re thinking about a career in a salon, there are a few techniques that you’ll want to make sure that you learn about. These are often simple techniques that most stylists know and that will allow you to perform basic services for customers. Once you have mastered these techniques, you can begin searching for ways to add your own style to them and find ways to deliver the unique desires that customers want.

Cutting And Styling

Techniques for cutting hair and various styling methods are often the first lessons you’ll learn about in cosmetology school. A school like aohd.com/austin/ offers teachers who go over the details about the proper way to cut and style before you experiment on a mannequin head. Once you have mastered these techniques, you can begin working with classmates or customers who come to the school. There are usually advanced classes that you can take if you want to learn about the newer hairstyles. You will also learn about coloring and layering.


After learning about cutting and styling, you’ll usually begin to learn about salon techniques involving makeup. Some of your customers might not want makeup when they get their hair styled, but there are some occasions when it’s beneficial to know how to apply makeup. You need to learn about the correct shades to use on different skin tones as well as the different products to use on various skin types, such as someone who has oily skin compared to someone who has sensitive skin. When you’re in school, you’ll learn about the techniques involved with applying eyeshadow, blush, lipstick and other products that transform the appearance of your customers.

Nail Care

Many people enjoy getting a manicure or pedicure when they get their hair cut or styled. While taking your cosmetology classes, you’ll learn about the techniques behind manicures and pedicures. Pay attention to the safety measures in place when performing these services. You don’t need to clip the nails too close to the skin or use tools that could possibly cut or damage the skin. After you learn how to perform a basic manicure and pedicure, you can learn about applying nail polish and creating designs on the nails so that you can offer your customers unique looks.

While you’re in cosmetology school, you’ll learn about the different techniques used for men and women. This is important to remember because men and women have different types of skin and different types of hair. Products and styles will vary depending on your clientele.

Skills And Techniques In Cosmetology School