Must-Dos to Find the Perfect Fitting Pair of Jeans

When people talk about the perfect fit, that favorite pair of jeans always comes up as a comparison. We all know what that one comfortable pair of jeans feels like that makes us look and feel confident. Unfortunately, most of us only have one pair of those jeans in our wardrobe instead of many. We’re going to help ensure that you find many perfect fitting jeans by providing you with the necessary list of must-dos when shopping for jeans.

The first must-do of finding the right pair of jeans is getting up close and personal with the fitting rooms. You never want to just grab a pair of jeans in a size you believe you are and checkout. That is setting yourself up for a disaster. Instead, you should always go to the fitting room and try on any potential picks to ensure they fit. Realize that eyeballing it won’t always come out with you getting the perfect look you thought of in your head.

Labels are just that, labels. It doesn’t matter whether it says size 10 or 16 as long as it fits your body right. There is no universal standard when it comes to sizing. So, a size 10 jeans in one brand may be a size 16 at This is why it’s so important to utilize past sizes as a gauge to start with. Be sure to grab a pair of jeans that are one size up and one size low so that you can try them all on to figure out what one is the perfect fit.

The next thing you want to pay attention to is fit. It’s no surprise after finding out that sizing is different, that cuts can run different from brand to brand as well. What may be considered a boot-cut in one brand may look more like a flare-cut in another brand. This is why it’s so important that you treat each individual brand differently when trying on clothes.

There are many different shades of jeans out there. While you may love having different ones for your various other wardrobe items, buying a darker wash is a must. The darker wash jean looks more refined and fits perfectly for a night on the town or a business casual look. Lighter jeans aren’t as versatile as the darker washes. This is an important factor to keep in mind if you find yourself wearing jeans for many different occasions. You should invest your initial money in the darker pairs and only get the lighter pairs when you want to add to your collection.

As you can see, there are some must-dos that you should follow when shopping for jeans. These will ensure that you end up with a pair of jeans that fits good on your body and feels comfortable. Realize that wearing the right pair of jeans can make all the difference in how you feel and how you perform. Never settle for uncomfortable jeans when you can have comfortable ones.