I Need a New TV Set

Of course I have had the TV that I have now since I was still living with my Mom and Dad. They got it for me before I graduated from high school and when I went to college it went with me. It made it through a couple of moves and then I took it to my new place after I got my first real job. Right now I have started to look at cyber Monday TV deals because I have bought this tiny house and I am going to try to make it comfortable for hosting small gatherings. In fact the place is way too small to be having huge parties and I have these sweet old couples living on both sides of the place, they likely would not love it if I started to have a bunch of wild parties. This is more like having a couple of my buddies come over on Saturday and Sunday afternoons to watch football and basketball games. Obviously no one is going to come over to watch games on a ten year old 32 inch set.

In fact you can find all sorts of different features on a modern TV set. They have smart TV sets, but in fact I have this little home theater computer which does the same thing and works really well. At any rate that is not a big deal. They make the 3D sets too, but I can not really see a huge current application for that. It appears that most of the stuff that you could use them for are kid’s cartoons and there is not that much of it. At any rate I just want to get a really big screen with the best resolution and the best price that is going to be as reliable as possible.