How to Wear a Suit Without a Tie

A tie is one of the major suit accessories. But having to wear a tie every day can be a little boring. Have you experienced the feeling of looking too mainstream? Going to work every day for your 9-5 job and just changing your tie colors to alter look, this sounds horrible. We understand that you want to be the guy cool and rock the floor. Have you ever thought of going tieless with the suit? Sounds crazy? Well, it isn’t. You just have to know a few tips that teach you how to wear a suit without a tie. Read our article below to learn more:

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  1. Your collar is important: Your collar becomes more important as you decide to go tie-less. Now, you should avoid collars that worked best with the tie look. Do not even try to wear medium or large collars. Ideally, your collar should be either a huge sized collar that stands or a very narrow, sleek one. A sleek color is actually the best for tie-less occasions. It maintains your professional look and draws attention from the fact that you are not wearing a tie.


  1. The colors are even important: Coordinate colors in your outfit. When not wearing a tie, you have to give more importance to what kind of colors you are wearing. If you are tie-less and the same time picking up red/greens/yellow combos then you are certainly in hard waters. If you cannot work properly with the colors, you should go for a neck tie.


  1. Your shirt pick: You really have to consider a shirt shift now. Your old favorite shirts and expensive picks would not work equally well in your new tie-less look. Go for an extremely professional shirt. Professional shirts worn under your suit coat without a tie will still give a professional look to you. Try to avoid chambray, denim and patterns.


  1. The suit patterns: Try to opt sharp and solid suit patterns. But remember not go for a bold checkboards and dots. Having a pair of square pockets in your coat is also not a bad idea. Another tip is to have double breast suits. Double breast cover most part of your front and do not take others eyes off from your tieless look. You will naturally feel the need of going for suits with broad shoulders.


  1. Wear other accessories: there are other accessories besides a tie that you should consider having. You will most probably be required to find new accessories that can complement your look. Try to get a pair of new shoes (even if you cannot get a new one, you should polish the ones you have to get a new look). Other accessories like cufflinks, wristwatches will undoubtedly help you master the look. Try to have a color coordination among all these accessories. It is not that hard to dress without a tie. It does not have to be!