Underwear should be chosen very carefully, in order to get high-quality, lanky, comfortable pants made of natural fabrics. The main factors of choice for men are the style depending on preferences and lifestyle, models and design decisions depending on tastes, sewing materials and sizes. Only taking into account all these points, a man will be able to decide how to choose men’s underpants.

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Today, designers and fashion designers offer all kinds of styles and models of underpants in familiar and original colors for men of all ages. You need to pay attention to the composition of the fabrics and the model, taking into account the time of year, so that it is comfortable in swimming trunks. Also, a man must take into account his lifestyle, hobbies and habits, so that the selected style of his underpants fits this perfectly.

To decide how to choose men’s briefs, you need to pay attention to body composition and weight, as stylists recommend certain types and styles of clothing for different types of physique (high and large, medium, short and stocky). Large tall men are better off looking underpants without geometric vertical prints, giving preference to monophonic models. Short and stocky men are better suited underpants with stripes, but without bright colors.

The first determining factor in choosing shorts is the season of the year and the materials from which the shorts are made. The most common option is cotton panties, which allow the skin of the intimate area to breathe in the hot summer, being a hypoallergenic natural fabric. Also, for a warm pore, models made of satin, combining the properties of silk and cotton, are suitable, in addition, satin perfectly absorbs excess moisture, which is appropriate in hot weather and profuse sweating.

For the cold season, it is better to give preference to models of wool of different degrees of density. Thermotruses made of thin wool do not allow the skin to sweat, let air through, but at the same time they keep heat, not allowing intimate areas to freeze. Camel-hair pants are in fashion today. Knitwear is also actively used for sewing warm underpants, and with the addition of a small percentage of elastane, this underwear will become flexible and elastic – ideal for a cool spring or autumn.

A man’s lifestyle and hobbies also predetermine his wardrobe, and even the choice of underwear. For example, it is especially important for athletes to choose the optimal model of cowards so that during an active pastime, the intimate area is in comfort, firmly fixed, not sweating and rubbing, but, on the contrary, gets enough air. Slip-on pants or hip-pants are ideal, not creating creases, but perfectly repeating the silhouette.

If a man has to go on a date or a meeting with friends in a suit of narrowed-down style, which is the latest trend in men’s fashion, briefs that would hold on firmly, but not pinch the body, would be better for such an event. Briefs are also suitable for joggers and active pastimes. On the beach and for swimming, you need to choose swimming trunks for the pool in the form of shorts or shorts. About which swimming trunks is better for men on the beach, it is worth considering the type of physique.

An abundance of styles and textures of underwear, which ones to choose?

In the assortment of men’s underwear for all occasions there are more than a dozen varieties of styles and cuts, many of them are familiar to most, some are extravagant to the amateur. When choosing a model, you should take into account your appearance type, body configuration, personal preferences and advice from stylists.

Men’s underpants can be of the following styles:

  • Family briefs are spacious shorts in the form of shorts with a simple cut, which are easy to choose and comfortable to wear, but not for tight-fitting clothes.
  • Boxers are the same families, but only a tight-fitting style with a codpiece in front, while the underpants provide air exchange and the absence of constraint. The most popular model in the world boxer da uomo.
  • Slips are a subspecies of briefs of swimming trunks, the second name of which is briefs. These underpants have a classic silhouette that covers the waist, genitals and buttocks, nose with a high cut in the legs, revealing them to the eye.
  • Swimming trunks – an analogue of slips and briefs, due to the tight-fitting silhouette, such underpants are worn under tight-fitting trousers or shorts, in addition, they are worn for swimming.
  • Hips is a shortened version of briefs and boxers, rather an intermediate version between them and swimming trunks, emphasizing the lean and athletic figure of a man.
  • Daitres is a comfortable variety of boxers with a separate compartment for the testicles, ensuring their comfortable functioning, which is ideal for everyday wear.
  • Tango is a very extravagant model for men of a specific taste and only for special occasions. Two triangles of fabric attached to the belt, ideal for hot weather.
  • Thongs are another specific model of cowards that creative people prefer. Narrow striped tissues are presented on the buttocks, opening them completely, in front the strip will be slightly wider to hide the genitals.

The listed models and styles have found their circle of consumers, since today every man has his own individual taste and preferences, even if we are talking about simple underpants for everyday wear.

How To Choose Men’s Briefs: Tips For Choosing