Buying Streetwear From Resellers: An Informative Guide

If you are a streetwear freak like me, then chances are that sometimes you wanted to buy the latest piece from OFF-White, Supreme or Bape but it was either too expensive or already sold out. If you are not the one who wants to buy replicas to cover the fact that you missed that ultra limited edition piece, then you might wanna consider resellers for your purchase. These are some tips.


Quality Check and Legit Check are two of the most important you want to do before buying a piece from a reseller: when applied to streetwear, a quality check is more than necessary, not only because it clearly states the condition of the piece, but also because it sets the pillar for a legit check, to ensure that you are buying an original piece. Before doing these processes it’s really important to have a clear idea of how the product should look, feel and wear like.

Where To Buy

There are no specific stores to choose from, but they can be easily found online with a simple research on Google or Reddit, for example. It’s important to read all the feedback, reviews and comments on every single product since scammers in this business are way more than the people who are doing it legitimately.

This applies to every single type of resellers, in particular to the ones who are selling Yeezys, given the demand these ones have at the moment.

Mobile Browsing Can Help

If you live in a big city, like London or Los Angeles for example, you will see many different small stores selling Supreme, Bape, Anti Social Social Club and so on. While many of these are actually Chinese fakes, some of these stores are actually legit ones. How do you find them? Google local search on mobile. This may sound weird, but many app developers said that fashion stores are relying on a mobile local search to obtain more clients at their physical store. Combine this with the fact that high-level streetwear is quite a niche topic and you will see how many of these stores are actually secretly buried in your concrete jungle. Mobile app development is going local, guys!

Shoes Are (And Will Always Be) Hard To Buy

As mentioned above, Yeezys are the hardest ones to buy from quality resellers, not because they are hard to find, but because they could be easily copied even by an amateur manufacturer. Having a proper QC on these pieces is ultra important, given the fact that some of them can easily surpass the 2k$ price, currently. If you are on the hunt for some ultra limited edition pairs, on the other hand, you will see how exponentially the price could grow: not only because of the fact that these products are limited edition, but also because they are literally pieces of art.