The Best Material For Pillow Contents | It’s uncomfortable to sleep without using a pillow. The neck and head may become sore when awakened. To get a comfortable pillow to use, we can see from the stuffing pillow for the bedroom.

Did you know if different materials contents of the pillow then different comforts as well. For that, before getting the material comfortable to use, it is important for you to know the types of Materials Best For 18×18 Pillow Covers.

Cotton and Cotton

Cotton and cotton are the first pillow fill materials used. This material is strong enough to withstand loads. The thickness of the pillow can also be adjusted. However, this material can be dusty and become a mite of mites that can lead to skin and respiratory disorders.

This material can also store the moisture that causes the cushion to become solid. People who have allergies are not advised to use a pillow with this material.

Goose feather

There are two types of goose feather used to fill the pillow, the fur of the neck is very smooth and the chest feathers containing bone. This pillow is known as the most expensive pillow between pillows with other stuffing material.

The higher the hair content of the neck, the more expensive the price. As an organic material, goose feathers produce dust, so the upholstery of the pillow should be thick.


Latex obtained from rubber latex. There are 2 types of latex, natural latex and synthetic latex. Natural latex is anti-bacterial and anti-mite because it contains high amount of sap.

The latex pillow is an insulator so that the surface of the latex pillow will remain in normal temperature even in hot place. Latex pillows generally have a hole to regulate the elasticity of the pillow.

Memory Foam

This pillow stuffing material is called memory because it requires some time to get back to its original shape after being pressured. Such properties can provide a sense of comfort and full carrying capacity.

Memory foam is made from a kind of PU foam (polyurethane) which is specially processed. This material absorbs sweat, it should be used in air-conditioned room.

Best Material For Pillow Contents