Best Golf Balls: A Guide to Choose a Golf Ball for an Adventurous Match

The golf balls are mainly designed for golf games as per the rules of golf. The golf balls are stuffed with rubber, liquid or feathers for consistency and accuracy of games. The golf balls can fly in different directions. Nowadays, advanced technology is used to design golf balls. Some people are loyal to a particular brand to purchase golf balls. You may find it difficult to purchase the best golf balls for your game. There are different specifications to consider while selecting a golf ball for you.


The construction of the ball is important to consider because it will react to each contact with a golf club. Here are some common constructions:

One-piece Golf Balls

It is a least expensive and basic golf ball for beginners and crazy-golf courses. Thee playing balls are made of a solid Surlyn piece with molded dimples. It is cheap, durable and soft golf ball, but may not give you the specific distance because of lower compression.

Two-piece Golf Balls

The two-piece golf ball is famous among everyday golfers because it combines maximum distance with durability. These balls are based on single solid core and have a hard plastic enclosed in the cover of the ball.

The resin or high-energy acrylate is a solid core and covered by the cut-proof and sturdy blended cover. It gives more distance to the two-piece ball as compared to other balls. These balls are coated with special plastic or Surlyn material. The firm feel of the ball enables you to produce more distance.  It is not easy to control like a softball. The two-piece is an indestructible ball for ordinary golfers.

Three-piece Golf Balls

Three-piece balls have a liquid or solid rubber core with a layer of improved rubber or liquid-produced layer and molded cover of strong Surlyn, balata-like or Urethane material. The softballs give you more spin and control over ball flight. The extra layers can increase the performance of golfers.

Four-piece Golf Ball

Four-piece balls are designed for different purposes. These layers work together to provide the softest feel and longest hit. The internal core of the ball is made of solid rubber for explosive distance with the driver. The inner cover transfers energy in the ball from strike to hot core. The middle cover is an extra layer as compared to the 3-piece ball. It provides complete layer and increases driver distance. It produces central iron spin and feels nearby green. The feel of golf ball depends on its outer cover. It contains almost 300 to 400 dimples, and it is a thin layer made of Urethane. Dimples are important for a golf ball because dimples can affect the molecules of air and flight of the ball.

Five-piece Golf Ball

It is the latest design of the ball with more layers and materials to offers maximum spin and greater performance. This expensive ball offers Tour-level performance. It features three layers crammed between soft urethane cover and high-speed core. Every layer reacts to swing speeds and shots to produce boosted performance.