Age long fun facts and fascinating stories about the invention of fashion and clothing

Fashion and clothing have evolved with time – many changes are made to different clothing items and the way in which they are worn. Fashion is said to be an art of storytelling, making it have a deeper meaning than just the random act of wearing clothes.

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Fabrics are experimented with different designs and shapes to bring out a fashionable item which is worn over time as a trend. Clothes which make it a trend are said to be very fashionable and would stay around for a long time.

A brief insight on the evolution of fashion and clothing

Right from way back in history, clothing was made with the available material, and there was an era where a large volume of fabric was worn by influential people while those who are scantily dressed were perceived as being poor.

Centuries down the line, fashion has taken a new shape in the way clothes are worn. Uniqueness is the prominent key in fashion and clothing nowadays, nobody wants to look exactly the same, hence the creation of different clothing and style. You could visit to get more insights into the evolution of fashion and clothing.

Interesting facts which are known about fashion and clothing

In the course of the evolution of fashion and its trends, there have been fun facts that can make the selection of clothing items easier. These facts are not harmful but reflect some of the ways people react to clothing in certain periods.

Some of these interesting facts include but are not limited to the following; vertical stripes make the wearer look taller, black gives a perception of a slimming effect on people, fabrics with patterns make people appear larger, and many clothing items and textiles can always be recycled and so on. Some fashion and clothing shops explain a bit of the fact to their customers before they make their purchase,

Importance of a good design and its relevance to fashion

A good design would definitely attract people who would want to wear the outfit. Since fashion is termed to be an art, the design is very relevant to its manufacturing process, as is the way it is worn and the message it passes across.

For a fashion entrepreneur, a good design attracts customers; it is what reflects what your brand stands for. Many big clothing brands have a particular design that they are known for and they also know how to make it available to their customers. Your design is your marketing strategy in the growth of your clothing brand; designs could be extravagant or simple, all depending on your taste and choice.


In our daily life, clothing is an important aspect but fashion helps to spice up the way clothing items are worn. Fashion and design are like siblings that work together to get a fascinating look. Fun facts of clothing and fashion are actually real and some can be applied to the way clothes are worn.