What Are AMPK Activators?

AMPK (adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase) activators provide several benefits to a person’s body. When activated in the right tissues, they are capable of improving your muscle performance, decreasing inflammation, improving insulin sensitivity, and stimulating weight loss. Moreover, they have also been proven to promote healthy aging.

So, how can one achieve anti-aging?

There are several views when it comes to anti-aging.
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In skin care products, their mantra to anti-aging is ensuring that a person looks younger. Though these products can lessen aging superficial signs such as elasticity loss and wrinkles, no amount of skin care product can slow down the natural aging process of the skin.
What Research About Supplements Can Teach You

Yes, you may look younger. Even so, whatever serum you are putting on your face, your rate of skin aging remains constant.

Keep your hopes up, though, as there is now a way to slow down one’s aging process. It takes more than just cosmetic procedures to be sure that your natural aging process is slowed down. You are able to attain the best results if every inch of your body is properly activated. This can be done with the use of AMPK activators.

One effective way scientists have found to slow down one’s biological clock is through calorie restriction.

Nonetheless, these studies have only been performed in and tested upon animals. When it comes to humans, this method is still not thoroughly proven to be effective. Take note still that all animals tested with this method have been proven to have beneficial results. From complex life forms such rhesus monkeys, dogs, rodents, and fish to simple life forms such as yeast, all have shown anti-aging results while being on a calorie restricted diet.

It is essential to bear in mind, though, that compared with animals, a calorie restricted diet can be dangerous to humans. Animals being researched on tend to just survive because scientists make sure to compute the minimum amount to ensure their survival.

Just think of eating something and not having the feeling of fullness. Humans are more likely to feel hungrier if they are on a calorie restricted diet. This is surely a nightmare on a daily basis.

Having a calorie restricted diet is like being in borderline starvation. Your body is bound to suffer a number of potentially life-threatening side effects. You are not only suffering from starvation but also different parts of your body will suffer dangerous side effects such as reduced bone mineral density and muscle loss.

Hence, even if they work in animals being studied, there is no sure guarantee if they will work in humans.

Yet what if it works?

If it will also work on humans, then the best take would be mimicking calorie restriction. And this is only achieved with AMPK activators. The health effects shown in a calorie restricted diet are thus obtained without having to practice such diet.

What Research About Supplements Can Teach You