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Web Design, Tailored for your business and your users!

Web Design - Engage Your Visitors!

Looking for Quality Web Design?

At MultiLayer Design we believe High Quality really helps to promote your business in a professional manner.

Within any industry, the look and feel of a website is often shown as a main solution to the problem. Often the underlying framework is left as a secondary concern.

Content and the message you wish to portray should be the main driving force behind any website, its web design and website framework should be built around that premise and factor in search engine optimisation but more importantly accessibility for your users.

Your customers play a major part in this as it is ultimately them who will be visiting and using your site. This is where our excellent Website Development service ties in 100% with our Website Design Service.

An excellent Web Designer will always perform analysis with well-defined strategic objectives and place the end users needs first. Goals for the website must be set so marketing efforts are not wasted and can be focused around your message. Continuous testing is also a key aspect which is often not factored into the ongoing maintenance aspects of owning a website!

Focus on what's important

Your Website should always convey your purpose for being online! It should also meet your aims and goals for its target audience and engage the user with through suitable design presentation and easy navigation.

Effective business rules ensures a high level of consistency throughout the website build and ongoing results. Website content should be captured in an effective design framework which can be both customised and still remain flexible for future needs. We continue to work in collaboration with our clients to translate the web design into a fully functional website.

By listening to your brief and requirements, we formulate a basic plan which involves a few simple combined effort processes to help make this stage as painless as possible whilst still remaining flexible and ensuring your business aims and goals are met through clear decisive goals.

Your content should be at the forefront of your website and we require any content which you wish to add into the project as early as possible. We can accommodate any extras such as putting your photos into the project or adding any specific sections.

If you are considering starting a web site or need excellent Web Development services or our eCommerce solution for your business, then contact us today for a no obligation quote!


If you require eCommerce Web Design or already have an eCommerce Store and need eCommerce Conversion Optimisation for other eCommerce platforms then we can still help.

Please see the eCommerce page for how you can benefit from this excellent service.

Re - Design

Not getting the results you want?

Have you noticed that your competitor's website looks a lot better than yours or is out performing yours in the search results? Maybe you need a change of scenery, new colors, better navigation or more content or even On-Page Optimisation?

Tip: You should think about changing or optimising your Website Design if it is not portraying your business aims and goals in a manner you expect or is not performing as you expect.

You only have seconds to make a first impression! If it's not a good one, you may lose potential clients based purely on the look of your site without them even reading anything. You owe it to your business to not only provide great content but also to portray a professional image about your business.

By portraying a professional image about your business you help build trust with your customers! Of course trust is also built with the way you run your business and you should still use our services to help you gain this trust and give your customers confidence in your business.

Attention To Detail

Good web design sense can go a long way; you do not need lots of bells and whistles to engage your visitors. A simple, well-designed site is generally a winning combination.

Our skills on redesigning existing websites are like the before and after pictures that are associated with lots of transformations. The make over and results of a revamped website are something of a miracle. We strive to improve your site and can often find unique solutions to problems which clients face with an outdated website.

Are you a web developer who wants a Web Designer who understands their project and its goals?

MultiLayer Design can re-design or re-align your website and can improve on previous designs or coding to make the new version both functionally and aesthetically pleasing. More importantly those improvements and optimisations your website will be more accessible, usable and search engine friendly.

NOTE: It is important to realise that analysis should be performed on your existing website so the current state can be ascertained prior to redesign! We work with you to establish what your existing website's strengths and weaknesses are and how we can improve upon them.

A strategy can then be created which blends with your aims and goals and overall marketing to improve those areas. If your web design company does not offer this for you then they really are not looking out for your business!

Custom Themes

Looking for an excellent Custom Theme for your CMS?

MultiLayer Design can design and custom code for any of the current CMS/Forum products on the market. If you require a Custom Theme to go with your CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, Expression Engine, MySpace or others available, then please contact us.

Web Applications

MultiLayer Design can create designs and custom code for any Bespoke Web Application you may be working on. If you need that magic touch or usability advice do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Web Design Hampshire

Don't let our location in Web Design Hampshire deter you from contacting us. We have helped many businesses and charities in Hampshire, however if we are not local to you our service is excellent and you will get excellent results with your project if you use our services.

Hire Us Today

Web Design Hampshire - MultiLayer Design is based in Hampshire, however we have worked for clients around the world and If you need excellent Web Design or Web Development services then you should hire us. By looking at what we have to offer at MultiLayer Design you should feel that we can improve your business website with better calls to action, consistent navigation, usability, accessibility; just some of the key ingredients of a well mixed website!

If you would like to hire us to work with you either on an existing web site or a Web Design Hampshire please contact us today

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