I love looking at before and after pictures because there is no better proof than seeing how a product or a person’s own free will has changed them for the better. That was actually a powerful motivator for me when I wanted to lose weight. Looking at the change in people who won that battle really encouraged me, and I lost over 40 pounds because of that simple approach. That is why I was curious about how authentic Careprost was when I heard that it can improve the thickness of someone’s eyelashes.

Mine were not only extremely thin but they were short too. I never really concerned myself too much with them because I never thought there was anything that could be done other than using a ton of mascara or wearing false eyelashes, which is something I didn’t do that often because they always felt so heavy on my eyes. The first thing I did when I heard about Careprost was to go to a website and look at some pictures. Like I said, the before and after pictures tell me more than anything else when it comes to a product like this.

I was amazed at the difference in the eyelashes. I know that people can say that pictures are doctored or edited, but what would be the point with this? The product is guaranteed to work, or I will get all of my money back, so it only serves the company’s best interest to be honest when showing pictures. I was truly impressed, and I ordered the serum just from that. The pictures did not lie either, because my own before and after pictures are amazing. Before I used Careprost, it was so obvious how thin my eyelashes were. And, after using Careprost, it is so obvious how thick and long they are!

Using Careprost Helped My Eyelashes