What is Medical Coding?

Medical coding simply refers to the transformation of the healthcare diagnoses, procedures, medical services and equipment into universal medical alphanumeric codes. Referring to the medical documentation ( physicians’ notes, laboratory and radiologic results. The correct diagnoses and procedures for medical coding could be obtained from the medical documentation.

The main role of the medical coder is to ensure that the codes are used in the right way. On the other hand, medical billing includes abstraction of the information from documents, assigning the correct codes and making of claims to be deposited with the health insurance companies.

The work of reviewing clinical statements and assigning codes belongs to the medical coder. The difference between a medical coder and a medical biller is that the medical biller is charged with the role of processing and following up on claims sent to the health insurance companies to pay for the services rendered by the health care centers ad hospitals. It is possible for a medical coder to act the role of a medical biller, though the two professions differ. To avoid denial of payment by the insurance company both the medical coder and the medical biller work together to ensure that everything is in order.

To guarantee payment by the insurance companies, the health providers employ the services of both the medical billers and medical coders. Providing the medical coders with the full accounts of the patients’ encounter with the physicians helps to prepare the right claims.

Medical coding is a profession like any other since training is required for one to become a fully fledged medical coder. For every medical coder there is a need to learn the basics of the profession which includes grasping anatomy and medical terminologies. Becoming familiar with the codebook resources is also paramount for one to become a medical coder.

If the claims are denied the medical coders could re-file appeals. The healthcare providers require being educated on the right coding system, and the medical coders will be happy to do it. The coders could also speak on behalf of the health providers and patients on coverage and medical necessity issues.

Getting a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree would do a one good since they would have a firm grounding in coding. For one to become proficient in medical coding there is a need for training. a skilled medical coder has a strong grounding in anatomy, physiology, and medical terminologies. If you complete a medical course of coding and pass the exams then you would be taken very seriously as a coder. The potential employers like individuals who have completed such a course.

To elevate the standards of medical coding one requires being a member of some medical professionals that offer developing training on medical coding and also offer professional certification.
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