Digital Marketing for the legal Industry: Top 4 Strategies

As more people seek solutions on the internet, having a solid online presence has become imperative for every business. Today, customers have a variety of options on the internet. People will not hesitate to move on to your competitor if they find that your business cannot offer the kind of value they’ve come to expect.

Having an effective digital marketing plan can help people in the legal profession win a great number of customers. This is down to the fact that people are always searching for answers on legal matters. This is often a great opportunity for solicitors to provide legal guidance, and build trust with potential clients while at it. Let’s take a look at 4 of the most effective digital marketing strategies for solicitors:

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Content marketing is all about publishing, valuable content to inform and engage readers, while also marketing your brand. Content rules on the internet because people are always in search of solutions. If you are able to provide answers/solutions to many every day issues, then you have provided what matters most: value. When readers come across your content, they should get the impression that you know what you’re talking. And when they need further legal assistance, you are one of the first experts they will likely turn to.
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SEO comprises of a range of tactics to increase your website’s visibility on Bing, Google, and other search engines. When people search for solutions on Google, they will often choose from among the top ten search results. Rarely will they click on to the second page and beyond. With a decent SEO strategy, it’s possible to rank your website among the top 10 search results for a bunch of relevant keywords/terms. Keyword research, content marketing, social media marketing and on-page optimization are some of the main techniques used to rank a website.


Any business that does not have a social media presence is missing out big. Currently, nearly everyone has a least an account on one of Twitter, Facebook, Linked In or Instagram. To reach out to potential clients on these platforms, you will need to share valuable content, or engage them with fun activities like giveaways. One of the advantages of using social media to engage customers is that the communication can be more personal as in the case or responding to private messages.


PPC advertising is one of the fastest ways to bring target traffic to your site. You only need to set up a landing page for customer conversation, and then run an Adwords campaign to drive people to that landing page. PPC may be relatively costly but it’s often worth it because it brings in instant results.

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