After trying the Bimatoprost eyelash growth formula, I decided to take a more natural approach with my face. I used to put on tons of makeup and wear fake eye lashes, and now I realized how silly all of that looked on my face. I was essentially strutting around like some kind of clown. Now I feel so free, because I can go outside with my naturally long eye lashes and with only a moisturizer on my skin that protects from sun damage while keeping my skin moist. Other people even compliment me on my natural look and say I look better with it.

Other people around me have started going the natural route after seeing me do it. They’ve grown tired of feeding the makeup companies their money and just want to look their best without having tons of things on their face that they have to take off at the end of the day. One of the great things about going all natural is that it’s better for the skin. I don’t have to worry about my skin being clogged by the makeup and there aren’t any random breakouts like I used to have. They looked so bad that I had to cover them with makeup and it only made things worse.

I love how my eye lashes have grown in due to the formula that I’ve used. They feel so nice and have their own thickness and length to them that looks way better than the fake stuff. I wonder why not as many people know about this as they do about the fake stuff. If they did, the companies that make the fake eye lashes would probably make a lot less money and would feel pretty threatened. Maybe some time in the near future that will happen.

Taking the Natural Approach to Beauty