The general ranking signals are constantly changing because Google regularly updates the algorithm. In the meantime, it is no longer possible to flat out every ranking factor. People’s search requests have a great impact on these factors.

In general, only a few general ranking factors exist. The factors which I describe are indicative and practical examples. Meanwhile Google can evaluate different factors for the ranking individually for each search query.

Holistic Content

A very high relevance to the rankings have relevant content on a website. Do not write the texts for the search engines, but for the user. It is enough if the content for the search engines is structured and you perform a correct onpage optimization on your side. The SEO content must be easily readable and interesting for people.

In today’s world, it is no longer enough to translate 250 words to a particular topic from another website, and to create a variety of these contributions. People want to read real and useful content.

SEO Content before 2017

A few years ago, it was possible to simply rewrite the content from other websites and to order the texts from a text provider. These were presented on the website unloved after completion, and if many backlinks were generated via Linktauschs, excellent top 10 rankings could be achieved.

Today‘s content criterias

The text, image and video content must match the target group and search queries. It is not always said that you can achieve high rankings with a website with plenty of text. When it comes to beauty surgeries and the searcher is just looking for real photos, the already treated patient, a landing page that offers exactly this can better rank as a page on this subject, which is presented exclusively with a lot of text ,

Interplay of the Bottoms and the Main Page

One of the most important factors for good rankings of your content is the interplay of the individual topics of a website and this has become increasingly important in recent years. In practice this means that you do not have to create a subpage for each keyword.

There is the possibility of interesting and sophisticated texts, which are well-structured, beautifully illustrated and semantically coherent, to bring many users to your website. Individual search terms for several topics are merged within one text. All terms must belong to a main theme. The user is already in the foreground when planning such a text. If this task succeeds well, the readers will share the text and, in the best case, link from your website. The content of a website must fit together.

SEO Content in 2017