How Much Are Sponsored Blog Posts From Market Influencers Worth?

A new blog post being writtenExceptional growth in the world of social media influencers has resulted in a lot of questions for many marketers. While such influencers can provide a tempting route to reach untapped, lucrative audiences, the monetary value of their influence can be hard to figure out. How much should you pay influencers for sponsored posts? Or how do you spot a fake influencer? Fortunately, branding agency Hampshire can help with the latter. And to find out how much a partnership with an influencer will cost then a new survey, conducted on UK bloggers by software specialist Vuelio, gives us a glimpse into the expanding world of influencer marketing pricing.

The Survey Headlines

The aforementioned survey was conducted online and was sent to 7,500 bloggers. The number of usable responses returned was 787, and 78% of respondents said that they receive payments for up to 50% of the work on their blogs. Bloggers specialising in fashion & beauty, gardening, nature and parenting sectors were most likely to receive payments for more than 50% of the work on their blogs.

The most important question, however, is how much are those bloggers charging brands? It appears that the majority charge under £250 for sponsored posts or collabs. In the survey, 27% revealed that they request between £1 and £100 for each post, and 30% revealed that they request £101 to £250 for posts. Moving on to collabs, and survey findings showed 23% of bloggers command £1 to £100 while 29% command £101-£250. Of those that responded, just 8% revealed that they charge £0 for blog posts.

In terms of more substantial payments for sponsored posts and paid-for collaborations, the survey revealed that a mixture of niche blogs and highly competitive sector blogs command the highest sums. Of those quizzed, 2% charge more than £1000 per blog post and 4% charge £1000+ for collabs.

Blogs in the following niches were most likely to command the highest payments: travel, weddings, fashion & beauty, politics, media & marketing, business, and combination. Combination, niche blogs are blogs that specialise in mixed fields, such as health, fitness, and beauty, or food and travel.

Finding Genuine Influencers

Everything’s clear so far. However, it’s even harder to determine which market influencers are able to offer your brand the most bang for the buck. To begin with, the influencer market is becoming saturated, making it harder and harder to get your brand messaging read.

Note that a following of several thousand does not necessarily equate to large, influential power. Followers are becoming more clued up on selling strategies. You need to form a believable partnership with an influencer for it to be worthwhile.

You need to remember that it’s easy to buy fake followers and ‘likes’ and say you’re a market influencer even though your genuine reach is minimal – and many people do this.

Avoiding Fake Influencers

Thorough research is obviously your best weapon against fake influencers. Ensure you request detailed audience demographic stats and breakdowns from all prospective influencers. Audience … Read More

Different Ways to Wear Your Little Black Dress

A little black dress or LBD is a staple in a woman’s wardrobe. Apart from the basic and popular A-line black dress, there are various styles and designs to choose from. Plus, you can wear it with other clothing items and accessories to change your look. Here are different ways to wear that little black dress and achieve varying results.

Pair it with an eye-catching coat

One advantage of having a plain and neutral-colored dress is that it can go well with almost everything like a bold and unique coat. Whether you prefer a furry, duffle, pea, wrap, quilted parka or cape coat; it will perfectly match your LBD. It is ideal, especially in cold weather. You can look fabulous while staying warm.

Wear statement accessories

It’s your chance to show off that statement piece of jewelry that you’ve wanted to flaunt. Go for a chunky necklace or a brilliant diamond bracelet as it will catch people’s eyes. You may also pair it with personalized jewelry. A customized piece will attract attention and can also be a conversation starter, which is helpful when attending social events or parties. Your accessory will be the star, so make sure that you choose the perfect piece.  

Try other designs

The first thing that comes to mind when people hear the word LBD is a plain, A-line black dress. It’s the basic and most popular style, so it’s not a surprise. However, it’s also not your only choice as there are many other styles and designs to choose from. 

Go for a fitted black dress if you want to sport your gorgeous physique or get one with lace if you are feeling more romantic. There are also little black dresses with sheers and cut-outs for those who want to show off more skin and are feeling sultry.  Other styles are long-sleeved and sequined black dresses. 

Top it with a leather jacket

A little black dress is generally girly in style. It’s an effortless way to look put-together and stylish. However, you can also make it look edgier by wearing a leather jacket on top of it. Transition your look from formal attire to one that you can rock at a party with this simple trick. 

Go sexy with stiletto or strappy high heels

Speaking of formal attire, the best shoes to wear with your little black dress for formal gatherings are stiletto shoes or strappy high heeled shoes. They will not only add inches to your height, but they will make you look sexier. Nude pumps, on the other hand, can make your legs appear longer. 

Dress it down with sneakers

Your LBD is a versatile piece. From a party or office dress, you can turn it into a casual attire by wearing it with a pair of sneakers. Instead of leather, complete the look with a denim jacket. 

Be creative and more experimental in wearing your little black dress as you can quickly achieve different looks with this handy piece.  

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Why rental fashion is growing fast

There has been a sea-change in the public perception of ownership over the past few years. Back in the 1980s, it was all about owning your own home, buying the biggest and fastest car, and holidays in the most expensive resorts and hotels. Today, this has all been turned on its head.


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A caring, sharing society

There has been a rapid upsurge in home rentals, as the housing market has priced ordinary folk out of the market. With this has come an interest in sharing goods and services, as witnessed by the rapid growth of Uber and Airbnb, for example.

This sharing attitude has now moved on to encompass clothing. This is not the first time that members of the public have been able to rent clothing, of course, but until recently this option was reserved for the super-rich, who had access to catwalk fashion for a limited time at a far-from-limited price!

Affordable rental fashion

The new trend in sharing clothes does not just extend to formal wear and maxi dresses; instead, all types of fashion can be sourced for hire, from designer dresses through to office wear. Even streetwear is getting a look in. According to a report by the BBC, one enterprising young woman in London has opened a pop-up shop specialising in affordable streetwear, which enables ordinary people to ring the changes in their daily attire without the associated high costs.


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HURR is the latest clothes sharing website that offers rental clothing. Every item available to hire originally cost more than £150 to purchase. The people behind HURR hope that the project will go some way towards providing an alternative to throwaway fashion, whereby items are bought, worn once or twice, and then consigned to landfill.

As popular as the new trend is proving to be, it is unlikely to spell the end of fashion stores. Cast your eyes over the huge variety of gorgeous – not to mention affordable – dresses such as AX Paris maxi dresses and you will almost certainly find that you want to hang on to them for as long as possible rather than risk someone else wearing your ‘special’ frock.

Expect to see many more clothes sharing opportunities over the coming months, but we don’t think that anyone is ready to give up their entire wardrobes just yet!
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Five stylish ways to wear green

From military green to gold mix

Green means getting the florals on display for spring and summer, and it’s a versatile colour that you can wear with just about everything. There are so many different shades to work, from a warm lime to a cool olive, but it’s important to choose a complementary colour and one that will suit your skin tone and hair colour.

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If you still feel the chills of winter, a lightweight parka in green can enhance an outfit. It can be teamed with jeans or a casual skirt. This essential layer will protect against the elements, and some have a modern fishtail shape, while others have a military print. As an alternative, a US bomber-style jacket also follows the military green style.

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A darker green can be mixed with black and gold to create either a sophisticated or sporty casual look. If you want to dress up and turn heads, there are plenty of fashionable summer dresses, tea dresses and even ballgowns or culottes. Light green and gold can create a fashionable vintage style, and accessorising it with jewellery can finish the look.

Try a chunky knitted sweater for cool summer evenings

Green is a great choice for knitwear and it’s easy for both men and women to incorporate an olive colour into an ensemble. It’s easy to mix and match with its retro vibe and earthy tones. A chunky knit sweater can be worn on summer evenings and it can be teamed with brogues for men, or stylish pumps for women.

With summer creeping in already it’s time to get your wardrobe organised and a style idea for the warm weather is a versatile green maxi dress. The AX Paris green maxi dress will keep you cool and it will ensure you look stylish no matter the occasion. According to all eyes were on style icon Olivia Wilde who owned the red carpet in a dazzling green couture gown at a Los Angeles event.

And don’t forget the power of pastel green which gives a more summery, casual look, especially if you team it with trainers or low heels and jeans. You can have fun with green, without looking like a St Patrick’s Day leprechaun. If you don’t own anything green, now’s the time to gather those greens together and get inspired.… Read More

7 Fashion Tips for Prom Night Not Forgotten

Prom night is a place to say goodbye awaited by students after three years of teaching and learning activities in school together. Initially, prom night was a place to meet each other and to dance to celebrate the results of their three years of hard work in high school students in western countries.

Prom night is synonymous with dancing, dresses, and couples. Usually, when approaching prom night, the women will try hard to find the most beautiful dresses for them so that they can later become the Prom Queen (Prom Queen) at their school. And usually, these women will be accompanied by the Prom King (Prom King), their own partner. Most, when approaching prom night, men will be competing to find their partners to be invited to the prom. And usually, men will also look for their best formal clothes. Because they certainly don’t want to play with their partners. So, they have to look good on prom night.

Prom night is also a place to find a partner or a place where men and women can express their feelings if they have not yet gotten a partner. Prom night became a culture as time progressed. Even though I rarely hold dance parties on prom nights in the Asia region, but we really want, right, to look beautiful and charming on the last night with this friend and teacher?

How, how do we make our appearance look as attractive as possible during the prom night? Come on, consider the following tips.


When we find out when the party is held, it’s time we work to plan what we should use at the party later. We have to start hunting for the best clothes and exciting accessories. Remote planning gives us a lot of time to find what should we use then and free choices so that we can perform flawlessly and optimally on that day.


You must respond critically, this point that must be considered when you pick some clothes.what should we do if the dress we are wearing is uncomfortable and can torment us. Use worn clothing can make our mood worse. Pick your dress that fit your body size.

Don’t use small or large ones. There is nothing wrong with trying clothes at a clothing store many times to make sure we feel comfortable with the ingredients and can freely move to wear them. If we sew our own clothes, it will be better and make sure the tailor measures our body accurately.


Usually, prom nights have specific themes such as gothic, futuristic, masquerade parties, old fashion, pajama parties, and so on. Each issue requires specific clothing codes to be used by the participants. Don’t let your clothes go wrong, huh!

For events with free themes, we can choose dresses with knee-length A-line models that make us free to step. For those of us who are veiled, a maxi dress can be … Read More