Who wants wrinkles? No one I know. Probably the only scenario I can see where anyone would want them is if they are being applied by a makeup artist to make you look very old for a part in a play or movie. Think about that. When Brad Pitt was aged for that Benjamin Buttons movie, they wrinkled up his face. We associate advanced age with lots of wrinkles. So, it is not on my list of things I want for my looks. That is why I have been looking for anti-wrinkle creams such as Instantly Ageless. I do not want to look my age.

I can remember when I was 15 wanting to look 18. I can remember when I was 18 wanting to look a bit older too. However, once I was approaching 30, I had the reverse in mind. I wanted to look 20 again. I think that most people agree that 20 is a great age for looks. It is like your prime. The teenage skin problems are gone, and any baby fat look is gone too. You look like an adult in the prime of life. No wrinkles either. Your skin is still taut and healthy looking. If I can get a little of that look back by using Instantly Ageless products, I am all for it.

I do not just want to cover up wrinkles. I know a few women much older than me who have deep wrinkles and try to fill them in with foundation. It makes their faces look like a pancake experiment gone wrong. The only way to fix that is to get the existing skin to tighten up and smooth out those wrinkles. No amount of makeup mortar is going to look right. You can see that look in some Hollywood stars of advanced age. I just want the wrinkles to not exist.

No One I Know Wants Wrinkles, So Why Put Up with Them?