The holidays are always a time of the year that I look forward to and also dread. I like that I’ll be able to see my family and eat lots of delicious food, but I also hate the holidays because of these same aspects. My family will see how much weight I’ve put on over the year and I always feel self conscious after seeing them. The food I eat will cause me to put on even more weight. Before the big holiday feasts this year, I decided to start taking Slimex in an attempt to make myself slimmer.

I figured that if I lost enough weight, I would look a lot better when I met my family, and I wouldn’t feel as bad about eating lots of food because it wouldn’t look as bad on my newer slimmer body. I also wanted to use the Slimex to help me lose the pounds after I had eaten all of the food. I put myself on an exercise plan of biking for an hour a day, along with some light weight lifting. I avoided eating as many fattening foods as I could, and took the capsules that I ordered.

The first big holiday is coming up in a couple of weeks, and I am ready. I’m looking pretty fit and I think my family will be surprised to see how much weight I’ve lost. I can’t wait to see how everyone is doing and to dig in to all of the food that will be cooked. The dish I’m looking forward to the most is my grandmother’s sweet potato pie. She has this special recipe where she puts bourbon in it to give it more flavor, and it really does the trick. She always makes enough pie to feed three families, and there is never any left.

Holiday Feasts Are Around the Corner