I had never heard of Waterlilies and Company before my mom put a bar of Himalayan Salt Soap in a gift bag with other beauty items. She wanted to surprise me on my birthday with some of her favorite things, and I am so happy she did. I used the bar of soap in my bath that night, and I felt so amazing after I got out of the tub. My skin felt so soft and refreshed, and I knew that I was going to look at Waterlilies and Company to see what else they sold.

I was able to read a lot more about the Himalayan Salt Soap on their website, and I was further amazed at the different things that it does. It actually expels the impurities at the same time that my pores are absorbing the benefits of using it. It can also help to reduce how my cellulite looks as well as some fine lines on my skin. I truly was amazed that a bar of soap made with all natural ingredients can do all of that, but after using it for several months now, I can say with confidence that it absolutely delivers on every claim that it makes.

It is also the one company that I use now for all of my skin care needs, and I even get some of my makeup from there. I like that I can read a detailed description of what the product will do, and then I can pay a very reasonable price to have it delivered to my front door. The prices are what I like a good bit too because I know that if I went to some of the specialty shops in town, I would pay a lot more for a product that is either just as good or even inferior to what I get from Waterlilies and Company!

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