At one time travelers riding horses carried water in containers that were specially contoured to fit comfortably while riders were in the saddle. Over time, the bottles evolved into flasks for holding whiskey and became common gentlemen’s accessories. Today they are still popular, and British made hip flasks are often considered status symbols. Flasks are also in demand because they allow anyone to enjoy their favorite spirits no matter where they are.

The Hip Flask May Be the Ultimate Accessory

Original liquor flasks looked very much like flattened eggs. They were created to fit neatly into spaces like hip pockets or backpacks. It is likely that early soldiers made them popular. They filled flasks with distilled spirits that provided everything from a shot of courage to disinfection. However, it wasn’t long before elegant versions were manufactured. By the 18th century, no gentlemen considered himself fully outfitted for the evening without a decorative flask. In fact, their association with the upper class is still common. Many shoppers own one or more hip flasks they carry with them and consider just as important as their fine jewelry.

A Flask Can Hold a Quick Pick-Me-Up

The most common reason to own hip flasks is their ability to hold just enough liquor for a quick drink or two. However much owners like to show off the beautiful craftsmanship of their flasks, they truly depend on them during those times when a sip of spirits can do wonders. For instance, many fill the containers with their favorite bracing liquor and carry them on chilly nights. They can enjoy warming, soothing sips whenever they want. Many carry flasks of spirits so they always have their favorite brands handy. Hip flasks are small and discrete, allowing for a quick drink almost anywhere and at any time.

Flasks Are Also Decorative

Fine suppliers offer hip flasks in a huge variety of styles and colors, and they are often so beautiful they become fashion accessories. There are lady’s and hunter’s styles. They range in size from three ounces to 60 ounces.

The famous Victorian hip flasks that were essential to gentlemen of the period are still popular today. Flasks can hold just enough liquor to provide a boost or warmth when it is cold outdoors. They are also in demand because suppliers offer a range of beautiful styles that are sophisticated, elegant accessories.

3 Reasons to Own British Made Hip Flasks