Hair extensions: Basic Italian Tips and Methods

The process of hair extensions helps make the girl look luxurious. The hair becomes more beautiful, the desired length appears, but do not forget that there are some uniqueness:

• Trust your hair only to a trusted, professional master. See the work that has been completed. This is important if you are trying to get a high quality connection and listen to the reviews of people who use these expert services.

• Extensions must be done on healthy and strong hair so that it does not fall out and can withstand the load of extra strands. It better than use human hair wigs for a reason.

• The construction process will meet your budget, but for the sake of a beautiful appearance, you can afford it. In the future, you need to regularly contact the master, constantly straighten your hair, take special ingredients that help treat it. 


Let’s take a closer look at extension technology, its advantages and disadvantages.

Strand lengthening procedure

The duration varies from 2 to 4 hours. The first formation takes a long time, the adaptation process is faster. The result is remarkable: smooth, long and thick hair. There is nothing complicated in this process, but at the same time, the master is able to perform a high -quality procedure, without losing strands in the future, and amateurs do it inaccurately.

Elongation feature: thin hair is attached to a strand of your hair 1 cm from the root using a capsule or soft tape. They really coincide with the shade and the structure. The process is called a capsule and a tape, respectively.

Temperature regimes play a role and, depending on this, are distinguished:

Some are afraid of being exposed to heat, but this process is safe for healthy hair. Using hot technology, special capsules or liquid resins are exposed.

Hair Extension Technology – Italian connection

This method belongs to the hot technology and is very popular among women. It is distinguished from other types by the way it attaches strands to the hair, also can ued for black hair extensions . The curls are ready to be extended and a small capsule made in a special factory is visible at the ends. They resemble small plates in shape. The process of connecting the hair takes place using a special electrical appliance, the temperature of which can be adjusted. Strands of hair are produced in Italy, which is why this method is given an appropriate name. The strips are of high quality. For a great effect, only 120 curls are enough.

Factory hair production is very high quality, but there is one drawback that should not be forgotten. Hair color should be chosen from the 63 standard colors proposed.

What are the characteristics of strand correction?

The correction process only happens once every 4 months, but may be earlier. It depends on the condition of the hair and its growth rate.

Advantages of Italian buildings

• Strands are well attached to the hair, the capsule is not … Read More