Best iPhone Deals This Spring

If you’re on the lookout for a new phone or you want to upgrade to the latest device, you’ll need the best iPhone deals. By taking advantage of the best deals on the market, you can grab a bargain and enjoy the latest tech at a knockdown price.

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With so many network providers, retailers and Apple devices to choose from, it can be tricky to find the best price. To make things easier, take a look at these fabulous Spring deals and see which ones work for you…

  1. Buy One Get One Free with Verizon

If you’re feeling generous, you can treat a loved one to a brand-new device when you purchase one for yourself. For a limited time, Verizon is offering to buy one get one free deal on the iPhone 11 when you take out a contract. There are some restrictions in place, so read the small print carefully, but it could be a great way to upgrade two phones for the price of one. What’s more, when you switch to an Unlimited plan, you can claim a free Amazon Smart Plug and Echo Dot, so there is lots on offer.

  1. iPhone XS – Unlocked and Sim Free

To get the latest features without a contract, you’ll want a sim free phone. Buying an iPhone outright can be pricey, with Apple’s RRP for a 512GB model as high as $1,449. If you’re willing to cut down on storage, however, you can grab the 64GB version for just $599 from Sprint.

  1. iPhone 8 from Best Buy

Combining a great range of features and retaining the much-loved home key and headphone jack, the iPhone 8 is one of the most popular Apple smartphones on the market. If you want to upgrade to the iPhone 8, you’ll have the choice of taking out a contract or purchasing it outright. Currently available for $349 at Best Buy, you can get a great handset for a relatively low outlay and still enjoy all the great features you’d expect to see on one of the latest devices.

  1. iPhone SE 2020 – Sim Free

Another great option if you’re searching for a sim free iPhone is the 2020 version of the SE. It may not come packed with all the features of an iPhone 11 Pro but it’s still a great little device that offers fantastic functionality. Available for $399.99 at AT&T, you can pick up the device for a one-off payment, without the need to enter into a contract.

  1. iPhone XR on T Mobile

If you’re happy to sign up for a long-term contract, T-Mobile is offering the iPhone XR for $25 per month, based on a 24-month contract. With nothing to pay upfront, this could be a good way to stagger the payments for your device and get some free minutes thrown into the bargain. Alternatively, you can purchase the device outright from them for $599 + tax, but you opt for a sim free version and still make a saving if you … Read More

Is Your Broadband As Fast As It Could Be?

When you have a broadband connection installed in your home, you want it to be a fast one. No one wants to wait longer than necessary for their social media to load or their Netflix to stream correctly. Broadband connections should be quick, and thanks to the rollout of fibre broadband, people are finding it easier than ever to gain faster broadband in their homes.

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Affordable broadband is what most people seek with a range of online deals on offer. The competition for the best broadband deal is intense, and if you look in the right places, you can find the best broadband deals. It’s easy to assume it’s your broadband provider at fault, but it’s not always the case. Many things can stop your broadband connection from being as fast as possible. Anything from old hardware, how far you are from the router, and even the wiring in the home can impact your broadband speed.

Speeding Up Your Connection

The good news is that your broadband can be faster, and some of the things that you can do include the following:

  • When you choose to secure your WiFi, you will ensure that your broadband is faster. A password-protected router stops random strangers from using your WiFi, which is what causes the speed to drop out. You should have a password on yours already but speak to your provider to get one.
  • Did you know that your router’s location can impact the strength of your broadband speed? Too many walls, doors, and even microwaves can affect the strength of your internet speed. So, the best option is to ensure that your router is in an open location and not stuck in a cupboard.
  • Cluttered computers and tablets can slow your broadband speed. Too many applications that feed off the internet can slow you down. You may also find that too many pop-ups are dragging your internet connection, which occurs when your internet browser is too busy.
  • One of the things that you can do is get a powerline adapter. These use the electricity power lines in your home, ensuring that the broadband signal is boosted for each room. If you have a weaker signal upstairs, a powerline adapter could help!
  • Go for a wired connection if you are really having difficulty with your broadband connection. It’s not a long-term solution, but it’s one that will be helpful if you connect your laptop to the router for a while.
  • There are specific broadband accelerators out there that will prevent any interference from telephone wiring. This can stop the slowdown of your internet connection and enable you to enjoy a faster broadband.
  • Lastly, if you try all of the above and it’s still slow, consider switching your broadband provider. You can find that with the websites that offer you the chance to compare broadband deals, you can save money and boost your connection at the same time.

Get The Best Broadband Deals

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