Confidence is the Best Way to Look Good in Anything that You Wear

If you don’t usually receive an invitation to join formal events, you might start to look self-conscious about your appearance. You worry that you don’t look great. You feel like your clothes are too tight, and the buttons might pop at any time.

It helps if you prepare way ahead of the event. As soon as you receive the invitation and accept the offer, you need to decide what you’re going to wear. If it’s a formal event, and you know that there will be a lot of attendees, choosing a bespoke suit might be an excellent idea. You will feel comfortable with what you’re wearing. You know that it looks expensive. You can even select the type of fabric or the overall design.

Visit your tailor for the final fitting and decide if you’re good with the suit. If you are, you can take it out and wear it at the event. You know that you look stunning, and you won’t worry if someone comes over and talks to you.

The problem is that even if you look amazing in your outfit, but you’re not confident, you won’t look great. You’re conscious of your appearance, and you don’t even want to mingle with the other guests.

Not everything is about you 

If you feel conscious and you think that everyone is looking at you, it’s terrible. Even if you have the best suit, you still look awkward. The best way to deal with it is by thinking that not everything is about you. It’s a huge event, and everyone will be moving around. If it’s a wedding, the couple is the centre of attention. There’s no point in feeling too conscious about your appearance. 

You can expand your networks

In a huge formal event, you will have the chance to meet with other people. Some of them might be influential. If you’re looking for a person to invest in your business or you’re seeking a job, it’s your chance to introduce yourself in a different setting. If you look nervous, you won’t create a positive impression.

Everyone’s nervous too 

If you can’t shake off the nerves, you need to start thinking that others might also feel the same way. They’re just as shy as you are. Therefore, you need to stay calm and pretend that you aren’t worried at all. Smile at everyone who looks at you, even those you don’t know. If you want to feel relaxed, you can start by talking to the people in the room that you know. Look around, and you might spot someone you met before.

No matter how prepared you are for this event and even if you had the best tailor for your suit, it won’t matter if you don’t have confidence. Enjoy the event and talk to everyone. You also need to attend more formal events in the future so you will get used to it.

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Tips For Preparing For a Prompted Interview

There are cases where a dramatised, scripted or highly creative video will be the ideal choice for your goals and target audience. However, there are situations where a talking-head interview can be the best option for the requirements of your video.

In most cases, talking-head interviews are produced using the prompted interview style. The outcome is a simple, but effective, immediacy of one individual conversing with another and, as social beings, we are used to making sense of our world in this manner.

So, how do you prepare for a prompted interview?

If you have been asked to participate in an interview for a video, the first thing that will cross your mind is how to be ready for filming. In this read, we are going to discuss a few points that can help you prepare and ensure things go smoothly in the big day.


1. Don’t Rehearse What You’re Going to Say

This may sound counter-intuitive, given we are giving advice on how to prepare for an interview but trust us on this one. Yes, it is true that most situations call for proper preparation and rehearsal in order to yield the best results, but a prompted interview is not one of them. Rehearsed interview responses do not give natural results. You will look and sound stiff and the listeners will not be convinced by what you have to say. The audience tends to be pretty sensitive to non-genuine responses on video and rehearsed answers will usually be perceived as lies.

2. Trust Your Interviewer

If you’re in the hands of a great production team, the prompted interview will flow in a conversational manner and so, your responses will be more spontaneous and natural. It is imperative that you trust the interviewer and so, do not be thrown if the manner of questioning is not what you expected. It’s advisable to just go with the flow.

3. What Not to Wear

  • Don’t wear clothes with random logos or slogans as this will just confuse or distract the viewers, especially if they are not consistent with the branding of the video.
  • Do not wear jangly jewellery. In everyday conversations, we don’t notice the noise that jangling necklaces, earrings and bracelets make when gesticulating and talking. However, with microphones, it’s an entirely different case. These gadgets are sensitive to such sounds and this will just be a distraction. Places like Fat Free Media will be used to such things, but making it as easy as possible for your editors will help the process as a whole.
  • Avoid clothes with stripes, checks, busy patterns and spots. Detailed patterns tend to create a moire effect and this is where the camera produces an image that has weird wavy patterns over the clothes.

4. Do Not Be Too Careful and Just Let Go

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How Much Are Sponsored Blog Posts From Market Influencers Worth?

A new blog post being writtenExceptional growth in the world of social media influencers has resulted in a lot of questions for many marketers. While such influencers can provide a tempting route to reach untapped, lucrative audiences, the monetary value of their influence can be hard to figure out. How much should you pay influencers for sponsored posts? Or how do you spot a fake influencer? Fortunately, branding agency Hampshire can help with the latter. And to find out how much a partnership with an influencer will cost then a new survey, conducted on UK bloggers by software specialist Vuelio, gives us a glimpse into the expanding world of influencer marketing pricing.

The Survey Headlines

The aforementioned survey was conducted online and was sent to 7,500 bloggers. The number of usable responses returned was 787, and 78% of respondents said that they receive payments for up to 50% of the work on their blogs. Bloggers specialising in fashion & beauty, gardening, nature and parenting sectors were most likely to receive payments for more than 50% of the work on their blogs.

The most important question, however, is how much are those bloggers charging brands? It appears that the majority charge under £250 for sponsored posts or collabs. In the survey, 27% revealed that they request between £1 and £100 for each post, and 30% revealed that they request £101 to £250 for posts. Moving on to collabs, and survey findings showed 23% of bloggers command £1 to £100 while 29% command £101-£250. Of those that responded, just 8% revealed that they charge £0 for blog posts.

In terms of more substantial payments for sponsored posts and paid-for collaborations, the survey revealed that a mixture of niche blogs and highly competitive sector blogs command the highest sums. Of those quizzed, 2% charge more than £1000 per blog post and 4% charge £1000+ for collabs.

Blogs in the following niches were most likely to command the highest payments: travel, weddings, fashion & beauty, politics, media & marketing, business, and combination. Combination, niche blogs are blogs that specialise in mixed fields, such as health, fitness, and beauty, or food and travel.

Finding Genuine Influencers

Everything’s clear so far. However, it’s even harder to determine which market influencers are able to offer your brand the most bang for the buck. To begin with, the influencer market is becoming saturated, making it harder and harder to get your brand messaging read.

Note that a following of several thousand does not necessarily equate to large, influential power. Followers are becoming more clued up on selling strategies. You need to form a believable partnership with an influencer for it to be worthwhile.

You need to remember that it’s easy to buy fake followers and ‘likes’ and say you’re a market influencer even though your genuine reach is minimal – and many people do this.

Avoiding Fake Influencers

Thorough research is obviously your best weapon against fake influencers. Ensure you request detailed audience demographic stats and breakdowns from all prospective influencers. Audience … Read More

Different Ways to Wear Your Little Black Dress

A little black dress or LBD is a staple in a woman’s wardrobe. Apart from the basic and popular A-line black dress, there are various styles and designs to choose from. Plus, you can wear it with other clothing items and accessories to change your look. Here are different ways to wear that little black dress and achieve varying results.

Pair it with an eye-catching coat

One advantage of having a plain and neutral-colored dress is that it can go well with almost everything like a bold and unique coat. Whether you prefer a furry, duffle, pea, wrap, quilted parka or cape coat; it will perfectly match your LBD. It is ideal, especially in cold weather. You can look fabulous while staying warm.

Wear statement accessories

It’s your chance to show off that statement piece of jewelry that you’ve wanted to flaunt. Go for a chunky necklace or a brilliant diamond bracelet as it will catch people’s eyes. You may also pair it with personalized jewelry. A customized piece will attract attention and can also be a conversation starter, which is helpful when attending social events or parties. Your accessory will be the star, so make sure that you choose the perfect piece.  

Try other designs

The first thing that comes to mind when people hear the word LBD is a plain, A-line black dress. It’s the basic and most popular style, so it’s not a surprise. However, it’s also not your only choice as there are many other styles and designs to choose from. 

Go for a fitted black dress if you want to sport your gorgeous physique or get one with lace if you are feeling more romantic. There are also little black dresses with sheers and cut-outs for those who want to show off more skin and are feeling sultry.  Other styles are long-sleeved and sequined black dresses. 

Top it with a leather jacket

A little black dress is generally girly in style. It’s an effortless way to look put-together and stylish. However, you can also make it look edgier by wearing a leather jacket on top of it. Transition your look from formal attire to one that you can rock at a party with this simple trick. 

Go sexy with stiletto or strappy high heels

Speaking of formal attire, the best shoes to wear with your little black dress for formal gatherings are stiletto shoes or strappy high heeled shoes. They will not only add inches to your height, but they will make you look sexier. Nude pumps, on the other hand, can make your legs appear longer. 

Dress it down with sneakers

Your LBD is a versatile piece. From a party or office dress, you can turn it into a casual attire by wearing it with a pair of sneakers. Instead of leather, complete the look with a denim jacket. 

Be creative and more experimental in wearing your little black dress as you can quickly achieve different looks with this handy piece.  

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