Good Riddance to a Difficult Class

The statistics class that I had to take last semester has been one of the hardest classes that I’ve ever had to take in college. Using an website for statistics homework help was what gave me the ability to pass the class, and once I was done with the class, I was glad to finally never have to take it again. Some people were able to pass the class without much trouble or help, and I figured they had to be geniuses or something, because there was no way that an average person would have passed that class without assistance.

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Understanding Fashion According to Experts

talk about fashion, a glance is on clothing or clothing. And speaking of clothes are talking about something very close to us. As quoted by Idi Subandi Ibrahim (researchers media and pop culture in the introduction to the book Malcolm Barnard, fashion and communication: 2007): Thomas Carlyle said, “clothing is a symbol of the soul”. Still according Idi: “clothing can not be separated from the historical development of human life and culture”.

The study of fashion is not just about clothes, but also the role and significance of clothing in social action. In other words, fashion can metaforakan as social skin. Which includes bringing the message and lifestyle of a particular community which is a part of social life. Besides, fashion is also expressing a certain identity. clothing is one of a whole range of marking the most obvious outward appearance, in which someone put themselves apart from others, which then evolved into the identity of a particular group.

The results of interviews with a number of informants on the development of the current fashion trend, especially among students of fashion trends of Social daughter Unhalu they say that:
“The development trend of fashion students FISIP Unhalu daughter now more directed at the use of fashion that is a trend at the present time, this can be seen from any activity they follow the students during the lecture, tight clothes are more dominant adorn the campus environment.
The above items in accordance with a statement saying that fashion is a form of lifestyle that can be tested, maintained, or abandoned

“The new trends in fashion trends more dimotifasi by an idea how mengespresikan themselves through the clothes they wear.”

Malcolm Barnard in his book Fashion as communication, started its understanding of fashion with reference to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED). According to Malcolm: “The etymology of this word related to Latin, Factio, which means making”. Therefore, the original meaning of fashion is something a person with activities, not like today that make sense of fashion as something that is subject to a person.
The original sense of fashion was referring to the disclosure that the items to fashion and clothing is a commodity, which is produced and consumed capitalist society. Because the fashion and clothing are the most significant ways that can be used in constructing, experiencing and understanding the social relations today. OED compiled a list of nine different meanings of the word fashion. One of them, fashion can be defined as something like the shape and type of ordinance or act a certain way. Polhemus and Procter showed that “in contemporary western societies, the term fashion is often used as a synonym of the term makeup, style and fashion” (Malcolm Barnard, Fashion as communication).
Searches on the OED, the word as a verb defined fashion in a sense, membusanai yourself with “attention” in effect. That means more than just membusanai themselves, but also dressed up and wearing jewelry as well. So can say despite all the clothes were … Read More

Three proofs that SEO is still important today

There are a lot of people who claim that search engine optimisation (SEO) is starting to lose its lustre, considering that search engines such as Google has been focusing less attention on organic search results and leaning towards its digital properties.

But even while Google has been making changes to its search algorithms to favour its business interests, it has never and will never be able to neglect organic search systems. Any SEO company Sydney will agree that SEO will never be lost in the digital age.

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Why not?

For one, if Google turns its back on organic search results, it will lose its credibility as a free service software. Any Sydney SEO expert knows that if search engines would only train their systems on paid ads and sponsored sites, the tool will only end up like yellow pages or paid commercial ads.

Google will stand to lose its position as a leader in the search engine industry, which is still dominated by other organic search engines such as Bing and Yahoo, just to name a few.

Here are glaring proofs why SEO will continue to make waves.

Organic search still rules

According to the recent study by tech data firm BrightEdge, 51% of all website traffic is the result of organic search, followed by paid ads at a distant 10%, then by social media at 5%. The rest of the 34% is shared among all other different and numerous online sources.

Search visibility still remains to be a great asset, a significant portion of the search market which Google still enjoys.

On average, Google processes around 40,000 search queries each second and equates to no less than 3.5 billion searches each and every day.

SEO is still cheaper

Compared to paid search campaigns and strategies, SEO is a cheaper option when looking at a long-term plan- from a minimum of 6 months, to say the least.

In paid search marketing, clients can enjoy a shorter period for conversion, however, you need to keep the money rolling to continue seeing results. Unlike with SEO which offers long-term equity.

While launching your SEO campaign could mean shelling out money to invest in the initial stages of your SEO campaigns, but the effects tend to be long-lasting and would no longer require regular payments once the systems have been optimised.

The value of UX

Not many people know that User Experience (UX) plays a huge role in generating more website traffic, establishing trust, and credibility in any business. Websites gain more authority when users find that the website has earned their trust and shows credibility.

This, in turn, allows these websites to earn more authority. Developing compelling and high-quality content becomes a must, along with the ability to reach out to more audiences who have need of the information and materials the website provides. To do this, SEO is the key to providing those channels to users.

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Most Popular Styles of Concealed Carry Holsters

Choosing the perfect holster is an important decision if you’re the owner of a concealed carry. Having a way to keep your weapon safely and securely on your person ensures that you can be a responsible gun owner while maintaining comfort. There are many styles of holsters on the market, allowing you to decide what kind is best for you.

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Inside the Waistband (IWB)

IWB holsters are attached to your belt and lie inside of your pants. Because this guarantees complete concealment, they are the most common type of concealed carry holsters for men. They come in various styles, including ones made with different materials and methods of attachment. Take care to choose an IWB holster that is comfortable and practical, because some styles may require practice for you to efficiently draw your weapon.

Outside the Waistband (OWB)

Like the IWB, an OWB holster is attached to the belt, but it lies outside of your pants. That makes this type of holster one of the easiest to draw your weapon from, but that also means it’s harder to conceal. If you choose to use an OWB holster, you will need to make sure you are always wearing layers of clothing that conceal your gun. However, this is one of the most comfortable types of holsters and may be worth the extra effort.

Belly Band

Belly band holsters consist of an elastic band that goes around the stomach and has holster pockets sewn into it. Although these make drawing your gun more difficult, they are excellent at concealing and allow you to move the band around your body in order to store your weapon at different areas of your body such as your armpit or lower back. Belly band holsters are also a great choice for carriers who are athletic.

These are only a few of the many options available. Whether you’re a novice concealed carrier or a veteran looking for a new holster, you can surely find a style that works for you.

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Confidence is the Best Way to Look Good in Anything that You Wear

If you don’t usually receive an invitation to join formal events, you might start to look self-conscious about your appearance. You worry that you don’t look great. You feel like your clothes are too tight, and the buttons might pop at any time.

It helps if you prepare way ahead of the event. As soon as you receive the invitation and accept the offer, you need to decide what you’re going to wear. If it’s a formal event, and you know that there will be a lot of attendees, choosing a bespoke suit might be an excellent idea. You will feel comfortable with what you’re wearing. You know that it looks expensive. You can even select the type of fabric or the overall design.

Visit your tailor for the final fitting and decide if you’re good with the suit. If you are, you can take it out and wear it at the event. You know that you look stunning, and you won’t worry if someone comes over and talks to you.

The problem is that even if you look amazing in your outfit, but you’re not confident, you won’t look great. You’re conscious of your appearance, and you don’t even want to mingle with the other guests.

Not everything is about you 

If you feel conscious and you think that everyone is looking at you, it’s terrible. Even if you have the best suit, you still look awkward. The best way to deal with it is by thinking that not everything is about you. It’s a huge event, and everyone will be moving around. If it’s a wedding, the couple is the centre of attention. There’s no point in feeling too conscious about your appearance. 

You can expand your networks

In a huge formal event, you will have the chance to meet with other people. Some of them might be influential. If you’re looking for a person to invest in your business or you’re seeking a job, it’s your chance to introduce yourself in a different setting. If you look nervous, you won’t create a positive impression.

Everyone’s nervous too 

If you can’t shake off the nerves, you need to start thinking that others might also feel the same way. They’re just as shy as you are. Therefore, you need to stay calm and pretend that you aren’t worried at all. Smile at everyone who looks at you, even those you don’t know. If you want to feel relaxed, you can start by talking to the people in the room that you know. Look around, and you might spot someone you met before.

No matter how prepared you are for this event and even if you had the best tailor for your suit, it won’t matter if you don’t have confidence. Enjoy the event and talk to everyone. You also need to attend more formal events in the future so you will get used to it.

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Tips For Preparing For a Prompted Interview

There are cases where a dramatised, scripted or highly creative video will be the ideal choice for your goals and target audience. However, there are situations where a talking-head interview can be the best option for the requirements of your video.

In most cases, talking-head interviews are produced using the prompted interview style. The outcome is a simple, but effective, immediacy of one individual conversing with another and, as social beings, we are used to making sense of our world in this manner.

So, how do you prepare for a prompted interview?

If you have been asked to participate in an interview for a video, the first thing that will cross your mind is how to be ready for filming. In this read, we are going to discuss a few points that can help you prepare and ensure things go smoothly in the big day.


1. Don’t Rehearse What You’re Going to Say

This may sound counter-intuitive, given we are giving advice on how to prepare for an interview but trust us on this one. Yes, it is true that most situations call for proper preparation and rehearsal in order to yield the best results, but a prompted interview is not one of them. Rehearsed interview responses do not give natural results. You will look and sound stiff and the listeners will not be convinced by what you have to say. The audience tends to be pretty sensitive to non-genuine responses on video and rehearsed answers will usually be perceived as lies.

2. Trust Your Interviewer

If you’re in the hands of a great production team, the prompted interview will flow in a conversational manner and so, your responses will be more spontaneous and natural. It is imperative that you trust the interviewer and so, do not be thrown if the manner of questioning is not what you expected. It’s advisable to just go with the flow.

3. What Not to Wear

  • Don’t wear clothes with random logos or slogans as this will just confuse or distract the viewers, especially if they are not consistent with the branding of the video.
  • Do not wear jangly jewellery. In everyday conversations, we don’t notice the noise that jangling necklaces, earrings and bracelets make when gesticulating and talking. However, with microphones, it’s an entirely different case. These gadgets are sensitive to such sounds and this will just be a distraction. Places like Fat Free Media will be used to such things, but making it as easy as possible for your editors will help the process as a whole.
  • Avoid clothes with stripes, checks, busy patterns and spots. Detailed patterns tend to create a moire effect and this is where the camera produces an image that has weird wavy patterns over the clothes.

4. Do Not Be Too Careful and Just Let Go

Prompted interviews are often steered towards the intended message, but they can sometimes give gems of insight that nobody expected during the pre-production stage. These aspects of your story are … Read More